Cessna Owner Magazine - 12/2017 - Digital

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December 2017
What’s inside …

10 Need to Sell? Now What?
An Insider’s Advice to Selling an Airplane
By Roger S. Battistoni

16 Avionics
Pick the PERFECT Medium (or Harder)
IFR Panel – continued
By Bob Hart

26 Featured Plane
Cessna T-Skylane RG
It’s All about the Gear
By Bill Cox

32 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
Getting IFR Clearance and Release from Uncontrolled Fields
By Joel Turpin

38 Sky Talk
Modification Ramifications
How Well-meaning Mods can Inadvertently Affect Aircraft Values and Insurance
By Scott “Sky” Smith

44 Saving for Your Next Overhaul
Just Got Easier!
One-of-a-kind Program Prepares Owners for Engine Maintenance and Repairs
By Scott Sherer

48 Holiday Gift Wish Lists
from Some of our Member Pilots
By Scott Sherer

54 Hangar Tip
Is it Voodoo? Is it Witchcraft?
Nope, it’s Valve Grinding Compound!
By Erich Rempert

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