DOLLS - April 2024

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8 What’s New for 2024
Members of the Doll Industry Share Recent Creations

18 Preserving the Past for the Future
Jennie Sykes Restores, Repairs, and Reproduces Doll Classics in Modern Times
By Stephanie Finnegan

23 Unraveling Topsy-Turvy Dolls
A Brief History of These Unique Creations
By Karen B. Kurtz

30 Fine-Tuned Face-Up
Learn the Art of Face Detailing — Step by Step
By Stevie Foster

34 The Cutest Ginny
Strung Sleep-Eye Dolls
By Judith Izen

38 Dolls as a Form of Therapy
Carrie Frantz Makes Dolls To Help Others

40 Spreading Joy Through Retail
Terry Lambert Creates and Sells Custom Dolls and Clothing

6 Editor’s Notebook
42 Curious Collector
43 Portraits
44 Paper Doll
46 Event Calendar
46 Classifieds
46 Advertiser Index

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