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The July 2016 issue of DOLLS features68 four-color pages and includes more than 30 features looking at what some of the top doll artists and designers are working on this year, including Berdine Creedy, Connie Lowe, Hildegard Günzel, Maggie Iacono, Helen Kish, Pat Moulton Linda Steele, Beverly Stoehr, Superdoll, Tonner Doll Company, R. John Wright, and Henry and Zofia Zawieruszynski. Plus, we have our usual columns on antique and vintage dolls, a new paper doll, and more.


10 Val Zeitler
Bleak, chic and oh-so unique
By Wil Peterson

12 Berdine Creedy
An iconic dollmaking career
By Carie Ferg

14 Tonner
Celebrates Silver Jubilee
By Wil Peterson

16 Beverly Stoehr
Dolls with classic innocence, timeless charm
By Stephanie Finnegan

18 Ruby Red Galleria
Each doll has a story to share

20 Roxanna Maria
A search for perfection
By Wil Peterson

22 Connie Lowe
Fan support keeps artist going through touch times

24 Miroslava Brodlova
Meadowdolls gains momentum
By Wil Peterson

26 Professional Doll Makers Art Guild
Celebrates 25 years of mutual support for doll artists

30 Monica Reo
The journey to porcelain perfection
B Stephanie Finnegan

31 Hildegard Gunzel
A continual pursuit of beauty

32 Linda Steele
Returns to dollmaking
By Wil Peterson

34 Bo Bergemann
Embracing dolls, diversity
By Wil Peterson

36 Karen Hawkins
Figurative creations, Southern style
By Wil Peterson

37 Judy Porter
Dolls with a touch of charming caricature
By Carie Ferg

38 Cherie Fretto
The master doll artist embarks on a new venture

40 Maggie Iacono
Painting pictures in felt
By Carie Ferg

41 Barbara Felts
Celebrating 3 decades of dollmaking
By Carie Ferg

42 R. John Wright
Celebrates 40 years of phenomenal felt dolls

44 The Queen’s Treasures
Bringing American history to life
By Stephanie Finnegan

45 Edith Schmidt
Dressing dolls for success
By Stephanie Finnegan

46 Kim Arnold
Making playful BJDs and their pals
By Carie Ferg

48 Henry & Zofie Zawieruszynski
From pretty porcelains to beautiful BJDs

49 Debby Brooks
Reborn artist brings dolls to life
By Stephanie Finnegan

50 Superdoll
Collectors take fashion-doll world by storm

52 Helen Kish
Her masterful works continue to wow collectors
By Carrie Ferg

53 Shawna Clymer
Dolls that blend infant innocence with fairy-tale fantasy
By Stephanie Finnegan

54 Debbie Weimert
Focus on fantasy
By Wil Peterson

55 Charlene Smith
Taking BJDs from basic to brilliant
By Carie Ferg

57 Sarah Maladonado
Science, art, combine in porcelain creations
By Stephanie Finnegan

58 Pat Moulton
Artist, teacher, toolmaker

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