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The July 2017 issue of DOLLS features 84 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features about 30 top doll artists and designers, including this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Berdine Creedy; Robert Tonner, who’s shaking up Tonner Doll Company and starting a new venture called Phyn & Aero; and Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls! Plus there’s a lengthy report from the New York Toy Fair and more!


10 It’s a Wonderful Life
Berdine Creedy’s accomplishments in the doll world earn her the Lifetime Achievement Award
By Stephanie Finnegan

16 Debbie Weimert
DayDreamer Debbie creates worlds of whimsy
By Wil Peterson

18 Cherie Fretto
Doll artist has another mission as a mentor

20 Debby Brooks
Overcoming loss set artist on dollmaking path
By Pam North

22 Connie Lowe
Artist finds inspiration in vintage French postcards
By Carie Ferg

26 RubyRedGalleria
Four Kindergartners count their blessings

28 Maria Lynn Grover
Photographer, doll artist focuses on babies
By Stephanie Finnegan

30 Robert Tonner
DC explores new directions and dimensions for future-forward releases
By Wil Peterson

36 Charlene Smith
Artist puts her best face-up forward
By Wil Peterson

37 JC Toys
Dollmaker continues decades-old tradition of realistic baby dolls

38 Pat Moulton
From babies to BJDs, artist makes dolls of all ages
By Pam North

40 Volks
BJD leader is gearing up for a Doll Party

44 Bo Bergemann
Travel-filled times inspire a new doll line
By Carie Ferg

48 Uneeda Doll Company
Bridging the past and the future
By Pam North

49 Maureen Carroll
Something Wickets this way comes
By Wil Peterson

50 Judy Porter
Caricaturist takes her art to new dimension with move to dollmaking
By Pam North

51 Barbara Felts
Artist finds more room in life for dollmaking

52 Roxanna Maria
Staying ahead of the carve
By Wil Peterson

53 Linda Ellen Brown-Trinckes
Doll, bear maker makes music as well
By Pam North

54 Glenna Hartwell
BJD artist earns Vamp of Approval for new design
By Wil Peterson

56 Liz Frost
BJD artist introduces several cool new characters in 2017
By Wil Peterson

58 April Norton
Former hairstylist returns to dollmaking as adult
By Pam North

60 Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun
BJD artist is bubbling with creative energy

61 Beverly Stoehr
Influenced by the world
By Pam North

62 Linda Steele
Artist overflows with inspiration
By Wil Peterson

64 Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski
Dollmakers delight in custom, commission work
By Stephanie Finnegan

65 Michelle Fagan
Infant doll artist returns to full-time sculpting in 2017
By Stephanie Finnegan

66 Karen Hawkins
OOAK artist is always moving on to something new
By Wil Peterson

67 Lorella Falconi
Award-winning artist anticipates new inspiration

68 Brenda Mize
It’s all about the eyes for Texas dollmaker
By Stephanie Finnegan

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