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The July 2018 issue of DOLLS features 84 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features more than 30 top doll artists and designers, including Bo Bergemann, Miroslava Brodlova, Hildegard Günzel, Connie Lowe, Gregg Ortiz, Beverly Stoehr, and Zofia and Henry Zawierusynski. This issue also includes two patterns, a look at vintage Peter Pan dolls, and more!



10 Gregg Ortiz

Doll designs with a license to thrill

By Wil Peterson

16 RubyRedGalleria

New InMotion Girls are fashion-forward

18 Uneeda Doll Company

Dollmaker spends a century designing dolls kids want

By Stephanie Finnegan

20 Roxanna Maria

Building a world of fanciful figurative art

22 Bo Bergemann

BJD artist’s new designs inspired by princesses, pixies, and a petite mouse

By Stephanie Finnegan

24 Linda Ellen Brown-Trinckes

Versatile artist keeps expanding her repertoire

26 Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Small editions, OOAKs are dollmakers’ focus for 2018

28 Hildegard Günzel

Bringing fantasies to life in porcelain, resin

32 Connie Lowe

Artist’s quirky BJDs connect with collectors

By Wil Peterson

34 Edith Schmidt

Creates couture for the well-dressed BJD

34 Shawna Clymer

Artist sculpts the tiniest babies

35 Karen Hawkins

Sculpts a world of fanciful figures

36 Brenda Mize

Self-taught dollmaker keeps trying new designs

37 Vanessa Lee

Pennsylvania artist sculpts children into Angel Dolls

38 Miroslava Brodlova, Charlene Smith

An ocean apart, artists collaborate on BJDs

39 Beverly Stoehr

Decades of dollmaking, mentoring experience

40 JC Toys

Unveils bundles of joy with love, laughter

By Stephanie Finnegan

42 Judy Porter

Artist translates kids to BJDs

43 Maria L. Grover

Reborn artist brings silicone babies to life

44 Valerie Zeitler

Artist styles dolls in all shades of beauty

By Pam North

46 Maru and Friends

Dollmaker celebrates 10 years of multicultural marvels

By Stephanie Finnegan

47 Sarah Maldonado

20 years of elegant porcelain ladies

48 Debbie Weimert

Storytelling through dolls

48 Jeni Razoux

Frightfully good reborns

By Stephanie Finnegan

49 Tatiana Tofaneto

Brazilian artist finds a wider audience

50 Debby Brooks

Celebrates a decade of reborning

51 Lorella Falconi

Plans to get small with her BJDs

52 Dolls of Mine

Mother-daughter team creates BJD fashions

52 Rachel Sherrod

Catching history in cloth

53 Susan Gibbs

From collector to doll artist in just 4 years

54 April Norton

Crafty mom combines creative skills in dolls

55 Tiffany Campbell

Makes bundles of joy at Sweet Sunrise Nursery

56 Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Announces 2018 Gold Award winners

58 Disney’s ‘Peter Pan’ inspires dolls

By A. Glenn Mandeville

68 Sleeveless in Springtime

A stylish dress and jacket for Silkstone Barbie

By Marsha Olsen

70 Cool Kitten

Make a rockabilly dress for DeeAnna Denton

By Marsha Olson


8 Editor’s Letter

52 Shows of Note

75 Portraits

76 Antique Q&A

77 Event Calendar

78 Curious Collector

79 Classifieds

79 Advertiser Index

80 Paper Doll

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