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The July 2020 issue of DOLLS features 48 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features on more than 25 top doll artists and designers, including Kim Arnold, Shawna Clymer, Susan Gibbs, Sarah Maldonado, Pat Moulton, Sylvia Natterer, Beverly Stoehr, and Kaye Wiggs.



10 Latidoll

Korean dollmaker continues to grow BJD line

11 Zwergnase

Continues Germany’s tradition of quality dollmaking

12 Charlene Smith

Finds her place in the doll world

14 A Wonderland Aesthetic

4 generations create dolls, miniatures By Sharon Verbeten

18 Susan Gibbs

Artist celebrates her first decade of reborn artistry in 2020

19 April Norton

Porcelain a priority for this accomplished artist

20 Mother of Invention

4 Decades of doll designs, innovations earn Pat Moulton our Lifetime Achievement Award By Stephanie Finnegan

25 Maria Lynn Grover

Strikes a balance between painting, sculpting

26 Kim Arnold

Dollmaking disrupted, BJD artist spends time helping community

27 Brenda Mize

Makes vintage-style dolls

28 Beverly Stoehr

Creates dolls in many mediums

28 Debby Brooks

Tiny toddlers, cuddly babies, and more

29 JC Toys

A family tradition of quality baby dolls

30 Rose Lacefield

Keeps adding to her flock

30 Rachel Sherrod

Captures history in cloth

31 Best Friends’ Renee Goldberg

Reflects on 4 decades in the doll world

32 Vanessa ‘Vee’ Lee

Silicone artist aims to bring joy to collectors

33 Jennie Sykes

Has a passion for porcelain

34 Virginia Obeius

BJD designer finds unexpected inspiration during coronavirus crisis By Wil Peterson

36 Kaye Wiggs

3 decades of dollmaking 36 Dolly Dames Offers creepy cuties

37 Edith Schmidt

Turns postponed plans into opportunity By Edith Schmidt

38 Judy Pollard

Embraces colorful BJDs

38 Marguerite Noschese

Creates OOAK characters

39 Shawna Clymer

Keeps busy with tiny baby sculpts

40 Sylvia Natterer

Designs for collectors, children

46 Sarah Maldonado

‘Time is the only constraint’ for porcelain artist


8 Editor’s Notebook

41 Curious Collector

42 Antique Q&A

43 Portraits

44 Paper Doll

46 Classifieds

46 Advertiser Index

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