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The October 2016 issue of DOLLS features52 four-color pages. This issue honors this year’s Jones Publishing Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Robert Tonner, who is also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the fashion-doll company he founded this year! In addition, you’ll find features about doll artists Patricia Rowe and Rose Lacefield; a look at the elegant doll fashions of Julie Manley; Bo Bergemann’s new Quirky Quartet BJDs; a basic pattern for a fancy BJD dress; and Fun Friends of the ’50s and ’60s, a look at vintage character dolls! Plus, we have our usual columns on antique and vintage dolls, a new paper doll, summer show coverage, and more.


8 Historically Haute
Julie Manely puts an Aussie eleganza spin on fashion-doll frocks
By Wil Peterson

12 Finding New Audiences
Doll artists find ally in unexpected place
By Darlene Allen

14 Sculpting Stories
Patricia Rowe aims to tell a tale with each doll she creates
By Stephanie Finnegan

18 Robert Tonner
Fashion-doll maven recieves Lifetime Achievement Award as his company celebrates 25th Anniversary
By Carie Ferg

26 Fun Friends of the ’50s and ’60s
By A. Glen Mandeville

29 Quirky Quartet
Bo Bergemann’s heroic new BJDs debute at Comic-Con: San Diego

30 A Grand Balancing Act
Rose Lacefield finds time for both art and family
By Pam North

42 Basic Pattern, Fancy Frocks
Make lovely lace-trimmed dresses for MSD-size BJDs

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