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This issue of DOLLS introduces you to the one-of-a-kind works of Cherie Fretto, looks at Käthe Kruse’s new line of Hollywood-inspired dolls, visits with artist Linda Valentino Michel, and takes a holiday with RubyRedGalleria’s Ten Ping. All this and more is waiting for you in this issue of DOLLS!


18 Mother Can You See Me?
RubyRedGalleria continues
Ten Ping’s Tale

22 Artist Doll Roots Go Deep
Original movement began in early 20th century
By Jan Foulke

28 Singular Creations
Cherie Fretto’s Portraits in polymer
By Pam North

32 Spiritual Sensations
Linda Valentino Michel makes dolls that touch collector’s souls
By Stephanie Finnegan

36 The Little Miss Revlon Story
By A. Glenn Mandeville

44 Star Gazing
Doll legend Kathe Kruse turns spotlight on famous faces of Hollywood
By Stephanie Finnegan

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