Doll Artisan - November 2000

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Doll Artisan November 2000 issue has a feature on K*R 114, Han or Gretchen that includes a worksheet by Rosemary Post, a feature article on the French Lady of Fate by Sheryl Williams with a pull out patterm, how to create mohair wigs for your French Fashion dolls and so much more.

Table of Contents


8 K*R 114

Worksheet included for Hans or Gretchen

By Rosemary Post

16 French Lady of Fate

Pull out pattern for this fantastic fortune teller

By Sheryl Williams

27 The Joys of Firing Porcelain

By Teresa De Santis

50 French Fashion Wig

Create beautiful mohair wigs for your French Fashion dolls

By Donelle Denery

54 Bébé Frock

Make a drop waist sheath dress with ribbon and lace

By K.L. Epperly

60 Doll on a Swing

By Jean Nordquist


6 Editor's Notes

7 Letters

15 Event Report

22 Business in Dolls

46 Show Calendar

58 The Doll Shop

70 Index to Advertisers

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