Piper Magazine - 08/2016 - Digital

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August 2016

In this issue….

10 – Avionics
A Fresh Look at Legacy Avionics
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

20 – Feature
How to Prevent a Gear Up Landing from Ruining Your Day
The Audio Advisory System from P2, Inc.

26 – Featured Plane
Warrior: Piper’s Littlest Indian
The little trainer that could … and still can!

32 – Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
What Pilots Need to Know about Declaring an Emergency

40 – Feature
Vortex Generators: The Finishing Touch to Wing Design

52 – Under the Cowling
How to Find (and Keep) a Good Mechanic

62 – Sky Talk
Truth & Lies in Liability
Understanding Non-owned Insurance

66 – Circle of Flight
Energy Management – Part 2
EFFICIENCY: The Fourth Pillar of Flight Operations

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