Piper Magazine - 03/2023

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March 2023

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8 Featured Plane
David Gasmire’s Aviation Legacy
Trailblazing Son Follows in Dad’s Footsteps
By Dan Brownell
Flight Safety: flightsafety.com
Airplane Academy: airplaneacademy.com

18 Avionics
IFR “Lite”
By Bob Hart

22 Sky Talk
Musical Chairs
What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat
By Scott “Sky” Smith

26 1973 Piper Cherokee 140 Upgrade
A Project That Started Small But Kept Growing
By Dan Brownell
Aspen Evolution E5: aspenavionics.com/products/general-aviation/evolution-e5-primary-flight-display
Airtex Interiors:airtexinteriors.com
Vantage Plane Plastics: vantageassoc.com/plane-plastics.html
Bendix King AeroCruze 100 Autopilot: www.bendixking.com/en/products/ai/autopilots-and-indicators/aerocruze-100
Stratus Appareo ADS-B In/Out Transponder: stratusbyappareo.com/products/stratus-transponders/
PS Engineering PMA6000B: www.ps-engineering.com/pma6000b.html

34 Product Review
Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review
By Scott Sherer
Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset: lightspeedaviation.com

46 Hangar Tip
Makers of Aircraft Placards and More
By Scott Sherer
Aircraft Engravers: engravers.net
Airtex Interiors: airtexinteriors.com
Knots2U: knots2u.com
LP Aero Plastics: lpaero.com
Great Lakes Aero Products: glaero.com
Medeco Locks: aircraftsecurity.com
Aircraft Spruce: aircraftspruce.com

38 Member Q&A
Bruce’s Custom Covers: aircraftcovers.com
FAR Part 43, Appendix D Checklist: www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2012-title14-vol1/pdf/CFR-2012-title14-vol1-part43-appD.pdf
GAMI Injectors: www.gami.com
SureFly Electronic Ignition: surefly.aero
Dynon Portable EFIS: dynonavionics.com

41 Member Photos

6 From the Editor

44 Industry News
FAA Charting Notice (12/29/2022): piperowner.org/faa-announces-skeletonized-data-on-foreign-areas-of-sectional-charts/
Garmin Pitch Trim Update: piperowner.org/garmin-issues-gfc-500-autopilot-service-alert/

45 Ad Index & Website Directory

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