Piper Magazine - 04/2015 - Digital

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APRIL 2015


12 From Classic Twin to Modern Masterpiece – The Story Behind Mike Jones’ Legendary Lock & Key Navajo
By Max Lundin

20 Interior Plastic Repairs & Replacement
More Economical than You Might Think
By Jim Cavanagh


8 Safety Corner – Renter’s Aircraft Insurance Coverage – The Hidden Danger
By Marci Veronie

34 Under the Cowling
A Minimalist’s Guide to Airplane Tire Care & Maintenance
7 Simple Tips to Safely Extend the Life of your
Tires and Save You Money!
By Jacqueline Shipe

40 Featured Plane
Piper Saratoga II TC: Six-Pack to Go!
By Bill Cox

46 The Circle of Flight
Flight Plan for a Hangar…and Half an Airplane
By Tom Machum

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