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April 2017
What’s Inside …


10 – Third Class Medical Reform
The new BasicMed and what it means (to most of us)
By Jim Cavanagh

24 – Never Say Never
Part II: The Commercial Practical Test
By Scott Sherer

42 – Panel Annals
Part 1: Forming a Plan
By Tom Machum

48 – Unsung Secret Weapon
How to Save Oil & Get Rid of a Messy Belly Once and for all!
By Scott Sherer


26 – Avionics
How to Catch a “Senseless” Killer
Guardian Avionics delivers a breath of fresh air in war against carbon monoxide
By Bob Hart

36 – Featured Plane
Piper Malibu/Mirage
A Medium Twin with One Engine?
By Bill Cox

58 – Sky Talk
Undervalued Value
By Scott “Sky” Smith

56 – Circle of Flight
“Deviant Behaviors”
By Tom Machum

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