Piper Magazine - 04/2018

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April 2018
What’s inside …


18 Let’s Talk Overhauls
Aircraft Engine Gaskets
By Jim Cavanagh

26 The View from My Hangar
I’m Calling the FAA!
… and you should call your FSDO!
By Erich Rempert

24 Featured Plane
Super Cub
STOL made simple
By Bill Cox

28 The View from My Hangar
Do You Know Where I Can Find …?
By Erich Rempert

34 Sky Talk
Pilot Logbooks
Who Needs ’em and Why?
By Scott “Sky” Smith

36 Zen and the Art of Airplane Ownership
Leaking Gas? Fix It Now!
By Scott Sherer

38 Circle of Flight
It’s Our Responsibility
By Tom Machum

46 Hangar Tip
Dum-Dum: It’s Brilliant!
By Erich Rempert


5 From the Publisher

6 On Approach
Aviation News & Announcements

45 Advertiser Index & Website Directory

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