Piper Magazine - 08/2017

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August 2017

In this issue …


36 – Panel Annals
Part 5: Learning to Fly
By Tom Machum

44 – How to Get a Professional Paint Job without Breaking the Bank
Part 1: Pre-paint Planning & Design Considerations
By Scott Sherer


10 – Avionics
How to Pick the Perfect Panel
Part 1: The Perfect VFR Panel
By Bob Hart

22 – Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
What Instrument Pilots NEED TO KNOW about the Missed Approach
By Joel Turpin

30 – Featured Plane
Cherokee Six: The Power Lifter
By Bill Cox

52 – Sky Talk
Advanced Ratings
What are they good for? Absolutely somethin’ … maybe
By Scott “Sky” Smith

56 – Circle of Flight
What Comes Around … Go-arounds!
By Tom Machum

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