Piper Magazine - 09/2017 - Digital

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10 – Panel Annals
Part 6: ADS-B
By Tom Machum

18 – How to Get a Professional Paint Job without Breaking the Bank
Part 2: Stripping and Repairs
By Scott Sherer


26 – Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
The Forward Slip
The Oft-forgotten Maneuver That Can Save Your Life!
By Joel Turpin

30 – Featured Plane
Seneca V: Little Big Twin
By Bill Cox

38 – Avionics
How to Pick the Perfect Panel
Part 2: The Perfect Light IFR Panel
By Bob Hart

50 – Sky Talk
Modification Ramifications
By Scott “Sky” Smith

56 – Circle of Flight
As the Crow Flies
By Tom Machum

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