Piper Magazine - 11/2017

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November 2017
What’s inside …


10 – Let’s Talk Overhauls!
Old Lifters Get New Life
By Jim Cavanagh

33 – TKS Ice Protection
Liquid Armor for the War on Icing
By Scott Sherer


18 – Avionics
How to Pick the PERFECT Panel
Part 3: The Perfect Panel for Medium (or Harder!) IFR
By Bob Hart

26 – Featured Plane
Piper Cheyenne III: Fine Whine
By Bill Cox

40 – Sky Talk
Age shouldn’t matter … but it does
By Scott “Sky” Smith

46 – The View from My Hangar
Why Does It Always Take So Long?
By Erich Rempert

48 – Circle of Flight
Blue Ink
By Tom Machum

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