Piper Magazine - 12/2015 - Digital

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10 The Dangers of Icing
Why you never heard Tattoo yell, “De-Ice! De-Ice!”
By Floyd Allen

18 3 HARD LESSONS in Due Diligence
The Pre-purchase Avionics Inspection: How Much is “Enough?”
By Bob Hart

24 The Plane Sense about Airworthiness
By Floyd Allen

31 10 Wallet-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Pilot in your life
By Max Lundin

46 What is Manifold Pressure?
By Joel A. Turpin


8 Safety Corner
Tailwheel Pilots: What’s a Ground Loop?
By Thomas P. Turner

40 Featured Plane: The Ultimate Cheyenne
By Bill Cox

50 Lessons from the Logbook
10 Tips for VFR Flying in Marginal Weather
By Bill Cox

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