Sunshine Artist magazine - 03/2024

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15 Resumes and Curriculum Vitaes
Learn how they differ and why you need both documents. 

20 200 Best Ballot
Cast your vote to help determine the 200 best shows of 2023. 

23 The Principles of Photographing 2D Art
Follow these steps to get high-quality images of your work.

27 Artist Amenities Matter
See which amenities are most important to artists on the show circuit.

33 Hidden Studios
Discover how artists in Wisconsin started a tour of working studios.

38 Load-In / Load-Out
Three promoters share their procedures for before and after shows. 

106 Maximize Your Trade Show Investment
Use these tips to take advantage of every minute you are at the show.

6 Editor’s Note 
8 Life on the Road 
41 Event Listing Index 
45 Event Listings 
83 Show Reviews 
109 Advertiser Index 
110 HeARTbeat 

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