LED landing light vs taxi light.

I’d like to replace the original landing light on my ‘76 Archer with an LED one.

I read the ‘landing’ light version has a 10 degree spread while the ‘taxi’ light version has a 40 degree spread. Since my plane only has one light, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this and which version they chose.

At over 200 bucks a piece I’d rather not ‘experiment’ with it!


  • I run a Whelen Pro in landing light and it is by far enough to taxi. I have no problems running just a landing light.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • Agree. if only one spot go with the landing light.

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • I bought the LED landing light. It is plenty bright especially compared to the conventional light.

    Andy Sikora
    1972 PA28R-200
    Retired Miami ATCT/Tracon

  • Thanks for the replies, I ordered the landing light 💡

  • Anyone know of a way to add landing lights to the main gear on fixed gear 180s?

  • That would require an STC. I have seen Beech STCs for Bonanzas but nothing for the Chevy truck version Pipers.

    Your best bet is wingtips that have lights instead.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • If you get new lighted wingtips you can have 3 lamps facing forward. Two landing and one taxi (or vice versa).

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Blasphemy! Those tips need the Orion 650's on them STAT!

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • I have a single light on my 75 arrow.

    I installed the WAT parmetheus G3 landing light. It’s awesome at night.


    Private Pilot, ASEL & Instrument
    1975 PA-28R-200

  • I would love to add wingtips with lights on my 1978 Arrow, however, I don’t like the aftermarket design. I have search for wingtips in the original design but have not been able to find them.

  • Lighted wingtip on my Turbo Arrow IV with AeroLED Nav/Strobe/Rear position light. Very happy with the AeroLED nav lights.

    John O’Leary
    Turbo Arrow IV (KRKP)
    Wright Bros. Master Pilot

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