Comanche 250 owner seeking CFI for checkout near Oklahoma or Indianapolis

My family is purchasing a Comanche 250, and I lack a high-performance endorsement. I live in Oklahoma City, and I hope to find an instructor in the local area for a check-out. The aircraft we are buying is located near Indianapolis, so someone that would be willing to meet me near Indianapolis to help ferry our new plane home and provide a check-out is possible. If you meet any of those criteria, please drop me a line!



  • Thanks. I'm hoping you'll get an answer soon.

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  • Do you have one yet?

    My CFII friend checks people out on their flight school Comanche, we live in Columbus, Ohio and our/my Arrow may be flying in a week or two.

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  • EMT

    An HP endorsement is the most ridiculous endorsement you need. Its like needed a sign off to eat a Big Mac at McDonalds. Seriously, if you spend more than an hour with a CFI, they are milking you for hours.

    Arrange for a CFI to meet you at the pick up point, go burn a few gallons with the CFI, then fly home. I cant stress how ridiculous the endorsement is to get.

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    Depends on if the insurance company has a requirement

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    Nebber mind.

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