Painting Seat Frames

I am getting ready to have new seat cushions installed and plan on painting the seat frames. Should the frames be disassembled for painting, or can they be painted assembled with the seat pivot brackets attached?


  • I painted the bottom of mine with Eastwood automotive enamel spray paint. That paint is really durable. Just mask the areas you do not want painted. Do not paint over the areas where you will be applying glue because the glue can disolve the paint and weaken the adhesion.

  • I had mine powder coated. I don't remember how much it was but it must not have been much because I'm pretty tight. And yes, I took the back off as well as the rollers and seat adjust plunger.

    Kurt Johnson

  • I’d just go rust oleum satin black spray

  • Waiting for my seat covers to come in and wondering the same thing. Do they need sanded down to remove all the old paint or clean and paint over?

  • N56404:

    I had a lot of chipped paint and some rust showing on mine. I sanded the entire seat frame, smoothed the chipped edges, primed and painted them in a satin black. You don't need to remove all of the paint.


  • Thanks. Did you do the whole seat frame? or just the visible part from the cushion down. The back seats only show a few inches of the legs where they insert. The front will be a little more.

  • N56404:

    I was doing a new Airtex interior at the time, so I painted the entire seat frame.


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