The Piper Owner Society and PIPERS magazine have teamed with Airplane Academy to offer this exclusive membership offer.

2 Years for the Price of 1.

Why would we offer a price this low?

Piper Owner Society is a great fit for the Airplane Academy followers who own a Piper. Our goal is to help both new and long-time owners renovate, upgrade, and maintain their airplane with the following member benefits:

  • PIPERS magazine (12 issues per year)
  • Our Online Forum featuring advice from dozens of longtime pilots/plane owners including A&Ps, IAs, and other members.
  • Tech support from our Master Pilot and an A&P/IA
  • A back-issue archive featuring hundreds of articles.
  • And more…

We know if you subscribe today at this low price, you’re going to want to remain a member in the future.

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