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Issue DateArticle TitlePageAuthor
Sep-21Piper Pathfinder: Practical Power8Rocky Landsverk & Bill Cox
Sep-21Oh Canada! The Future of ADS-B Up North20Bob Hart
Sep-21How to Choose Your Starter Aircraft24Scott “Sky” Smith
Sep-21Restoring Your Interior Yourself: Part I: Carpeting28Scott Sherer
Sep-21Why You Should Always Use Flight Following38Joel Turpin
Sep-21Update Your Yokes Yourself: Member improves his grip for about $2046
Aug-21Piper Cherokee Six: 15 Things to Know8Bill Cox
Aug-21Cherokee Six Restoration: Cover Plane Owner Finds a Diamond in the Rough16Scott Bounds
Aug-21Evolution of the Aircraft Panel18Bob Hart
Aug-21Avionics Advice: From Pilots to Pilots: Tips for Your Piper Panel22members
Aug-21Insurance and IFR: The Truth About How Much a Rating Impacts Your Bill28Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-21Why and How to Upgrade Your Door Locks: It’s time we improve one of our planes’ biggest weaknesses32Scott Sherer
Aug-21Build Your Own Engine Dehydrator46Joshua Boyd
Jul-212021 Cherokee 180: Annual Owner Report: Members chime in8
Jul-21Big Glass for Less Money: Guardian Avionics’ New smartPlane Is Worth Watching18Bob Hart
Jul-21Tailwheels Make the Pilot: The Ins and Outs of Flying and Insuring a Tailwheel22Scott “Sky” Smith
Jul-21Don’t Trust Your Fuel Gauge: Why and how so many pilots learn to monitor fuel in the wrong way28CiES
Jul-21Landing Height System: PIREP Explains Why Author Uses Microkit Solutions’ Laser-Based Device32Marty Reedy
Jul-21How to Install Your Own One-Piece Windshield: With your mechanic’s help, you can upgrade the safety and beauty of your Piper34Scott Sherer
Jul-21Update Your Yokes46Scott Sherer
Jun-21Super Cub: STOL made simple8Bill Cox
Jun-21Super Cub Pilots: ‘We’re Back Home.’16Jim Schwertner
Jun-21Noise in the Cockpit: ANR Headsets18Bob Hart
Jun-21What is Liability Insurance? Limits, what’s covered, and choosing coverage24Scott “Sky” Smith
Jun-21How to Pick an A&P: Things to look for and your part in the process28Jim Gibertoni
Jun-21Safer Seat Belts: Replace your old, worn belts32Scott Sherer
Jun-216 Surprising Runway Safety Threats36Steve McNeilly
Jun-21How to Replace Flap Handles and Doorknobs46Scott Scherer
May-21Piper Archer: Forty years and counting8Bill Cox
May-21Owner’s Perspective: Archer14Bill Ham
May-21Helping Out: How I became an independent avionics consultant18Bob Hart
May-21Old Airplane Overhaul: The risks and rewards of refurbishment24Scott “Sky” Smith
May-21The Pilot, The Machine & The Environment: The importance of preflight28Jim Gibertoni
May-21DIY Interiors: Owner’s guide to what to expect32Jim “Griff” Griffin
May-21How to Replace a Piper Logo Plate46Scott Sherer
Apr-21Piper Malibu: The price and pleasures of pressurization8Bill Cox
Apr-21Upgrading Your Panel: How to choose the best options for you16Katie Holliday-Greenley
Apr-21Aerial Overlanding: A fun, adventurous way to travel24Scott “Sky” Smith
Apr-21Night Currency28Jim Gibertoni
Apr-21Improving Safety: Additions to your panel for peace of mind34Scott Sherer
Apr-21Inspect, Replace Your Landing Gear Springs46Scott Sherer
Mar-21Piper Arrow: Mr. Reliability8Bill Cox
Mar-21Owner’s Perspective: Arrow16Paul Burger
Mar-21Owner Maintenance: Make avionics part of your annual18Bob Hart
Mar-21Out of Hibernation, In the Air Again: Getting your airplane prepped for flying season24Scott “Sky” Smith
Mar-21Flying in Alaska28Jim Gibertoni
Mar-21Arrow Window Molding Replacement32Scott Sherer
Mar-21Flight Review Time Again46Scott Sherer
Feb-21Warrior: Piper’s little trainer that could, and still can8Bill Cox
Feb-21Owner’s Perspective: Warrior16Dominick Tardogno
Feb-21Music in the Cockpit: Bluetooth makes it easy18Bob Hart
Feb-21Complex Aircraft Issues: Ratings, costs, and insurance24Scott “Sky” Smith
Feb-21uAvionix AV-30C Review: An affordable option with a ton of great features28Scott Sherer
Feb-21Spiff Up Your Piper for $1246Scott Sherer
Dec-20Featured Plane: Piper Super Cruiser: A variation on a classic8Bill Cox
Dec-20Owner’s Perspective: PA-1216
Dec-20Engine Management: Solutions for IFR pilots18Bob Hart
Dec-20Aircraft Financing: Options for borrowing to buy24Scott “Sky” Smith
Dec-20Engel & Volker Sponsored Content32Engel & Volkers
Dec-20A License to Learn: Professionalism isn’t just for professionals28Steve McNeilly
Dec-20How to Make Your Own Air Vent Seals46Marco Leon
Nov-20Featured Plane: PA-23 Jack of all Twins8Bill Cox
Nov-20Owner’s Perspective14Scott Glover
Nov-20Avionics: Engine Analyzers Basic tools for VFR and light IFR16Bob Hart
Nov-20Sky Talk: How to Sell Your Aircraft22Scott “Sky” Smith
Nov-20I Bought a Used Airplane: A guide from a buyer’s perspective26Richard Sherrill
Nov-20Common Sense and Cost-Effective Aircraft Transactions32Gary Evans and George Andrew Coats
Nov-20How to Reduce Electrical Power Usage46Scott Sherer
Oct-20Featured Plane: Cherokee 180 Piper’s primogenitor of an era8Bill Cox
Oct-20Owner’s Perspective14Jake McCullough
Oct-20Avionics: Installation Labor: How to ensure you’re getting a fair price16Bob Hart
Oct-20Sky Talk: Moving Up the Ladder: Consider this before buying a bigger plane22Scott “Sky” Smith
Oct-20Electroair Electronic Ignition26Scott Sherer
Oct-20How to Practice Safety Wiring46Scott Sherer
Sep-20Featured Plane: Piper J-3 Cub: A successful sequel8Bill Cox
Sep-20Owner’s Perspective14Alan Gillis
Sep-20Avionics: Accessories: Extras to fill your empty panel slots16Bob Hart
Sep-20Sky Talk: Limited Rental: Can I rent to a friend?20Scott “Sky” Smith
Sep-20My Sky: Chapter 10: Flying on Ice24Bill Cox
Sep-20Arrow Side Window Replacement28Scott Sherer
Sep-20Hangar Tip: How to degrease your airplane’s belly46Jeff Cooper
Aug-20Piper Arrow: Entering its seventh decade8Bill Cox
Aug-20Owner’s Perspective14Cole Weatherby
Aug-20Avionics: Old Stuff: Gyros, autopilots, and more16Bob Hart
Aug-20Sky Talk: Flying Past TBO: Factors to consider20Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-20Replacing the Headliner: Part 224Scott Sherer
Aug-20Are Vortex Generators Worth It30Rocky Landsverk
Aug-20How to Install Sun-Blocking Window Film46Scott Sherer
Jul-20Piper 6X Luxury flying SUV8Bill Cox
Jul-20Avionics: More Attitude: The uAvionix AV-30-C16BOb Hart
Jul-20Sky Talk: Flights Over Water: A cautionary tale and some tips to fly safely20Scott “Sky” Smith
Jul-20Restoration: Replacing the Headliner Part 124Scott Sherer
Jul-20Professional IFR Flight Planning for the GA Pilot: Ask yourself the right questions30Joel Turpin
Jul-20Fire Extinguisher Mount46Gary Van Dyke
Jun-20Featured Plane: Pacer vs. Tri-Pacer8Bill Cox
Jun-20Owner’s Perspective14Alex Weaver
Jun-20Avionics: Serious Attitude: “New” Garmin GI 27516Bob Hart
Jun-20Sky Talk: Learning to Buy or Buying to Learn22Scott “Sky” Smith
Jun-20Arrow Door restoration: realigning the door improves cockpit environment26Scott Sherer
Jun-20Formation Without Perspiration34Bill Cox
Jun-20Improve Your Yoke-Mounted iPad Connection46Scott Sherer
May-20Do More With Your Airplane8Katie Holliday-Greenley
May-20Featured Plane: Seneca: Little Big Twin18Bill Cox
May-20Owner’s Perspective14Jason Tuggle
May-20Passenger’s perspective14Maggie Tuggle
May-20Funny Feet: P2 Aviation Technology26Bob Hart
May-20Sky Talk: Beyond Flying for Fun30Scott “Sky” Smith
May-20Cracked and Broken steps46Scott Sherer
Apr-20Featured Plane: Piper Comanche 260B8Bill Cox
Apr-20Owner’s Perspective14John Bielamowicz
Apr-20Avionics: Perfect Panel: True IFR16Bob Hart
Apr-20Sky Talk: How Much is That Gem in the Hangar? Determing the right value for your aircraft24Scott “Sky” Smith
Apr-20The Dangers of Noise Fatigue28Bill Cox
Apr-20My Perfect Mr. Piper: Updating our metal family member34Sebastian Ruffer
Apr-20Bolt Thread Identifier46Scott Sherer
Mar-20My Ten Favorite Airports8Jim Cavanagh
Mar-20Featured Plane: Piper Clipper: World’s Smallest four-seater16Bill Cox
Mar-20Avionics: Perfect Panel: Light IFR24Bob Hart
Mar-20Sky Talk: Flying season prep30Scott “Sky” Smith
Mar-20Member Restoration: Dream Come True: Ray Cook’s Cub on Floats34Katie Holliday-Greenley
Mar-20Hangar Tip: How to Find the Right Replacement Bolts46Scott Sherer
Feb-20Owner’s Perspective14Ronnie Hughes
Feb-19Featured Plane: Four Decades of Navajos As well-suited to the Outback as it is to LAX8Bill Cox
Feb-19Avionics: Perfect Panel VFR16Bob Hart
Feb-19Sky Talk: Cost-Saving, Cost-Sharing Alternative ownership options22Scott “Sky” Smith
Feb-19Ill or Agitated Passenger How to stop an in-flight emergency before it starts26Dean Zakos
Feb-19Member Restoration: Better Than New Making my own Turbo Arrow V30Owner
Feb-19Hangar Tip: Cleaning Supplies Organization46Scott Sherer
Dec-19Featured Plane: The Ageless Archer A successful sequel8Bill Cox
Dec-19Avionics: VAL Avionics Affordable quality16Bob Hart
Dec-19Sky Talk: Flying on Skis Consider the Risks and the options20Scott “Sky” Smith
Dec-19Lessons From the Logbook: 8 Travel Tips for the 21st century traveler24Bill Cox
Dec-19Shiny & New: Cherokee 14028Don Desrosiers
Dec-19Hangar Tip: Safe Wire Nippers46Scott Sherer
Nov-19Featured Plane: Piper Dakota Piper’s muscular four-seat single8Bill Cox
Nov-19Avionics: The Buzz From AirVenture 2019 New products & acquisitions16Bob Hart
Nov-19Be a Better Pilot Five Bad Habits That Can Creep Into Our Flying20Dean Zakos
Nov-19Sky Talk: Stor, Fly, or Both Prep Your Plane for winter storage – or not24Scott “Sky” Smith
Nov-19Member Restoration: Lucy in the Sky30Owner
Nov-19Hangar Tip: Easy Window Shade Installation46Scott Sherer
Oct-19Featured Plane: Piper Tomahawk A trainer to compete with the Cessna 1528Bill Cox
Oct-19Avionics: Aspen to the Max! The “new” EFD1000 Pro Max16Bob Hart
Oct-19Maintenance: Preflight Like a Rookie Why student pilots preflight better20John Loughmiller
Oct-19Lessons From the Logbook: 20 Tips for VFR Flying24Bill Cox
Oct-19Sky Talk: Fall Checkup Keep your engine airworthy through the cold28Scott “Sky” Smith
Oct-19Bold Warrior Upgrade your Warrior to Arrow-level performance34Scott Sherer
Oct-19Hangar Tip: Start Your Preflight With the Pilot46Scott Sherer
Sep-19Featured Plane: Cherokee Six: Piper’s Flying Station Wagon8Bill Cox
Sep-19Avionics: Old School16Bob Hart
Sep-19Maintenance: Replenishing the System A DIY guide to oil & filter changes22John Loughmiller
Sep-19Sky Talk: IFR or VFR? Your rating’s impact on insurance costs26Scott “Sky” Smith
Sep-19Tips & Tales From the Left Seat: Some Tips for VFR Planning32Joel Turpin
Sep-19Hangar Tip: How to Clean Your Yoke Shaft46Scott Sherer
Aug-19Featured Plane: Cherokee 1408Bill Cox
Aug-19Avionics: Garmin’s New Products16Bob Hart
Aug-19Maintenance: Spark Plug Primer22John Loughmiller
Aug-19The Aesthetics of the Spinner30Jim Cavanagh
Aug-19Sky Talk: Owner Maintenance: Balancing Expertise and Safety38Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-19Hangar Tip: How to Replace or Repaint Your Hubcaps54Scott Sherer
Aug-19Member Restoration: Kurt Johnson’s Cherokee Six42Kurt Johnson
Jul-19Featured Plane: Piper J-3 Cub8Bill Cox
Jul-19Avionics: Garmin’s New GPS Solutions18Bob Hart
Jul-19Maintenance: Reading the Signs: How to Listen to Your Engine24John Loughmiller
Jul-19Sky Talk: Insurance After Major Modifications30Scott “Sky” Smith
Jul-19Restoration: Why You Should Install Shoulder Harnesses36Jim Curns
Jul-19Vortex Generators: Are They Worth It?44Scott Sherer
Jul-19Hangar Tip: Why You Should Create a One-Item Post-Maintenance Plan54Scott Sherer
Jun-19Featured Plane: Piper Malibu Mirage8Bill Cox
Jun-19Avionics: uAvionix Sky Beacon Installed18Scott Sherer
Jun-19Tips & Tricks: Sky Beacon22Rocky Landsverk
Jun-19Maintenance: Change Your Own Brake Pads26Jim Cavanagh
Jun-1920 Things to Consider About Flying at Night32Bill Cox
Jun-19Sky Talk: How to Calculate Cost of Ownership36Scott “Sky” Smith
Jun-19Hangar Tip: About Running Lean of Peak46Erich Rempert
May-19Featured Plane: Piper Arrow 1808Bill Cox
May-19Avionics: uAvionix and the Beacons16Bob Hart
May-19Sky Beacon Installation Tips and Tricks22Rocky Lansverk
May-19Sky Talk: Float Planes and Insurance28Scott “Sky” Smith
May-19Wing Walk Restoration32Scott Sherer
May-19AirText Offers In-Flight Texting36Scott Sherer
May-19Hangar Tip: Budget Restoration Placards46Scott Sherer
Apr-19Featured Plane: Piper Comanche 250/2608Bill Cox
Apr-19Avionics: Avidyne and the IFD16Bob Hart
Apr-19Tips & Tales: Flying the Missed Approach22Joel Turpin
Apr-19Maintenance & Upgrades: Propeller Paint: Not a DIY project28Jim Cavanagh
Apr-19Sky Talk: Insuring Your Avionics34Scott “Sky” Smith
Apr-19News: Bulletin From Continental, Whelen Buys LoPresti, Wing Spar AD Update38
Apr-19Hangar Tip: What Can You Do With $1.3546Scott Sherer
Mar-19Featured Plane: Piper 235/2366Bill Cox
Mar-19Avionics: “Gettin’ In” How to consider your options for ADS-B In16Bob Hart
Mar-19Tips & Tales: Tailplane Stalls: How to avoid one22Joel Turpin
Mar-19Maintenance & Upgrades: Fix that Plastic: Step-by-step guide to plastics repair28Jim Cavanagh
Mar-19Sky Talk: Air Show Insurance34Scott “Sky” Smith
Mar-19News: Piper Responds to Proposed AD38
Mar-19Hangar Tip: Why You Need Window Covers44Scott Sherer
Feb-19Featured Plane: Piper Apache6Bill Cox
Feb-19Avionics: Slide-In Solutions14Bob Hart
Feb-19Tips & Tales: WHat Instuments Pilots Need to Know About Flying Ice-Free in Winter20Joel Turpin
Feb-19Sky Talk: Hangar & Premises Insurance26Scott “Sky” Smith
Feb-19Time for a Clock Replacement? 32Scott Sherer
Feb-19News: AD Proposed for Wing Spars, uAvionix Patent, more36
Feb-19Hangar Tip: The Benefits of Sirius/XM Receivers for Cross-Country Flights45Scott Sherer
Jan-19Source Guide
06-JuneFeatured Plane: Perfect Compromise, Archer is the Best Balance of Power, Performance and Economy8Bill Cox
06-JuneAvionics: Lagacy Avionics, A Concern for the Future?14Bob Hart
06-JuneView from My Hangar: Air-Oil Separators, Do I Need One?22Erich Rempert
06-JuneTips & Tales: This and That28Joel Turpin
06-JuneThat Thing Out Front: An Intriduction to Aircraft Propellers32Jim Cavanagh
06-JuneSky Talk: How Medical Situations Can Affect Your Pilot Ticket … and Possibly Your Insurance Too!40Scott “Sky” Smith
06-JuneHangar Tip: I Don’t Put Air in my Ties … and Neighter Should You!46Erich Rempert
05-MayAvionics: Echoes of Oshkosh, Sweepstakes Winners, Avionics Place and a Ford Tri-Motor10Bob Hart
05-MayDon’t Settle for Subpar Photos and Video … Mount Up with Flight Flix!18Scott Sherer
05-MayFeatured Plane: Piper Aztec, The Secret Bush Twin22Bill Cox
05-MaySky Talk: Let Air Show Season Begin! 12 Tips to a Safe & Successful Air Show Outing32Scott “Sky” Smith
05-MayCircle of Flight: Power & Fury, A Pro Pilot’s Perspective on Thunderstorm Avoidance38Tom Machum
05-MayHangar Tip: A Checklist for Checklists!46Erich Rempert
04-AprilAvionics: ADS-B … on the Cheap!10Bob Hart
04-AprilLet’s Talk Overhauls: Aircraft Engine Gaskets18Jim Cavanagh
04-AprilView from My Hangar: I’m Calling the FAA!26Erich Rempert
04-AprilFeatured Plane: Super Cub, STOL Made Simple28Bill Cox
04-AprilCircle of Flight: It’s Our Responsibility28Tom Machum
04-AprilSky Talk: Pilot Logbooks, Who Needs ’em and Why?34Scott “Sky” Smith
04-AprilHangar Tip: Dum-Dum, It’s Brilliant!46Erich Rempert
03-MarchAvionics: Evolution of the Autopilot10Bob Hart
03-MarchTips & Tales: The Night I Almost Died ina Plane Crash … while Flying a Simulator!18Joel Turpin
03-MarchFeatured Plane: Seminole in the Fourth Decade24Bill Cox
03-MarchView from My Hangar: Do You Know Where I Can Find …?30Erich Rempert
03-MarchSky Talk: Groundwork, How to Prep Your PLane for a Fresh Flying Season32Scott “Sky” Smith
03-MarchZen and the Art of Airplane Ownership: Leaking Gas? Fix It Now!36Scott Sherer
03-MarchCircle of Flight: Traversing the Ragged Edge40Tom Machum
03-MarchHangar Tip: Gluing with Grease!46Erich Rempert
02-FebruaryAvionics: New EFIS Options for 201810Bob Hart
02-FebruaryTips & Tales: A Master Pilot’s Perspective on Gaining Experience18Joel Turpin
02-FebruaryFeatured Plane: Piper Enforcer24Bill Cox
02-FebruaryView from My Hangar: So, I Flew My Plane the Other Day …28Erich Rempert
02-FebruaryNeed to Sell? Now What?30Roger Battistoni
02-FebruarySky Talk: Airplane vs. Animal36Scott “Sky” Smith
02-FebruaryCircle of Flight: The Lead Bullet42Tom Machum
02-FebruaryHangar Tip: Dow Corning 3145, Not Your Daddy’s RTV!46Erich Rempert
Dec-19Featured Plane: Clipper & Pacer6Bill Cox
Dec-19Avionics: A Year in Review14Bob Hart
Dec-19Tips & Tales: How to Read Approach Charts Pt. 222Joel Turpin
Dec-19Holiday Gift Guide: What our members want for christmas26
Dec-19Arrow Restoration Part 3: Seat Roller Replacements28Scott Sherer
Dec-19Restoration Project Management Rules34Scott Sherer
Dec-19Sky Talk: Winter Preparation Checklist36Scott “Sky” Smith
Dec-19Hangar Tip: “Historical Weight & Balance44Erich Rempert
Nov-19Featured Plane: Turbo Arrow6Bill Cox
Nov-19Avionics: Needles to Pixels14Bob Hart
Nov-19Tips & Tales: How to read Approach Charts20Joel Turpin
Nov-19Arrow Restoration Part 2: First Flight Reveals Differences Between Arrow and Seneca26Bill Cox
Nov-19TVFMH: Flying vs. Restoring32Erich Rempert
Nov-19Sky Talk: What to Look For in an FBO36Scott “Sky” Smith
Nov-19Hangar Tip: Sight for Flight46Scott Sherer
Nov-19Cherokees 2 Oshkosh Report44Scott Sherer
Oct-19Featured Plane: Piper Warrior6Bill Cox
Oct-19Downsizing in Retirement14Scott Scherer
Oct-19Avionics: Let’s Talk Antennas20Bob hart
Oct-19ADBS-Out Primer26Scott Sherer
Oct-19Sky Talk: Age & Insurance32Scott “Sky” Smith
Oct-19Product Review: Epiphany in Orange Rubber44Scott Sherer
Oct-19Product Review: Renovating with a Replacement Radio36Scott Sherer
Oct-19Hangar Tip: Cleaning Fuel Injectors54Erich Rempert
Jan-19Source Guide
Sep-18Avionics: Reducing Pilot Load24Bob Hart
Sep-18Corrosion: Avoiding Costly and Deadly Mistakes16Scott Sherer
Sep-18Featured Plane: Piper Aerostar: King of Speed6Bill Cox
Sep-18Hangar Tip: Instructions for Continued Airworthiness54Erich Rempert
Sep-18News, Forum, TOC (placed here just for editorial page counting)42
Sep-18Restoration: Installing a Vertical Card Compass36Scott Sherer
Sep-18Sky Talk: Affordable ownership options and types32Scott “Sky” Smith
Sep-18TVFMH: Growing Up With Aviation (and making sure your mechanic did)48Erich Rempert
Aug-18Featured Plane: Piper-Stinson 108: The Joy of A Tailwheel8Bill Cox
Aug-18Stinson Recommendations & Market Report14Rocky Landsverk
Aug-18Avionics: Evolution of the Portable16Bob Hart
Aug-18TVFMH: Why is My Plane So Slow? (rigging)22Erich Rempert
Aug-18SiriusXM Feature: Seriously Considering In-Cockpit Weather28Scott Sherer
Aug-18Sky Talk: Avoiding the Drones30Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-18Restoration: Installing a USB Power Port36Scott Sherer
Aug-18Hangar Tip: Lucas Spray Wax46Erich Rempert
Jul-18Florida Crash Update: Owners Monitoring Embry-Riddle Tragedy8Rocky Landsverk
Jul-18Featured Plane: Twin Comanche10Bill Cox
Jul-18Avionics: Getting the Most from Oshkosh’s AirVenture18Bob Hart
Jul-18Lessons from the Logbook: Thunderstorms Myth vs Reality (A 10-Point Program)26Bill Cox
Jul-18Sky Talk: Should You Rent or Buy?34Scott “Sky” Smith
Jul-18Zen: Little Things: What Can You Restore for $10, Gas Cap Gaskets40Scott Sherer
Jul-18Hangar Tip: Plexiglas Care46Erich Rempert
Dec-17Avionics: Pick the PERFECT Pane for Medium (or Harder!) IFR, Part 210Bob Hart
Dec-17Saving for Your Next Overhaul Just Got Easier! One-of-a-kind Program Prepares Owners for Engine Maintenance and Repairs20Scott Sherer
Dec-17Let’s Talk Overhauls! Dot-it-yourself Disassembly22Jim Cavanagh
Dec-17Featured Plane: Meridian, Everyman’s Turbine28Bill Cox
Dec-17Holiday Gift Wish Lists from Some of Our Members34Scott Sherer
Dec-17Tips & Tales: Getting IFR Clearance and Release from Uncontrolled Fields42Joel Turpin
Dec-17Circle of Flight: Got Gas?48Tom Machum
Dec-17Hangar Tips: Is it Voodoo? Is it Witchcraft? Nope, it’s Valve Grinding Compound!54Erich Rempert
Nov-17Let’s Talk Overhauls! Old Lifters Get New Life10Jim Cavanagh
Nov-17Avionics: Pick the PERFECT Panel for Medium (or Harder!) IFR18Bob Hart
Nov-17Featured Plane: Piper Cheyenne III, Fine Whine26Bill Cox
Nov-17TKS Ice Protection: Liquid Armor for the War on Icing33Scott Sherer
Nov-17Sky Talk: Age Shouldn’t Matter … But It Does40Scott “Sky” Smith
Nov-17View from My Hangar: Why Does It Alwats Take so Long?46Erich Rempert
Nov-17Circle of Flight: Blue Ink48Tom Machum
Oct-17Avionics: Fresh from Oshkosh!10Bob Hart
Oct-17How to Get a Professional Paint Job without Breaking the Bank Part 3: The Final Wrap22Scott Sherer
Oct-17Featured Plane: Piper’s Lance, 40 Years Later28Bill Cox
Oct-17Tips & Tales: Know Where You are Going!36Joel Turpin
Oct-17View from My Hangar: The Shocking Truth about Unapproved Wiring42Erich Rempert
Oct-17Circle of Flight: Take ‘er Easy50Tom Machum
Sep-17Panel Annals Part 6: ADS-B10Tom Machum
Sep-17How to Get a Professional Paint Job without Breaking the Bank Part 2: Stripping and Repairs18Scott Sherer
Sep-17Tips & Tales: The Forward Slip26Joel Turpin
Sep-17Featured Plane: Seneca V, Little Big Twin30Bill Cox
Sep-17Avionics: How to Pick the Perfect Panel Part 2: The Perfect Light IFR Panel38Bob Hart
Sep-17Sky Talk: Modification Ramifications, How Well-meaning Mods Can Inadvertantly Affect Aircraft Values and Insurance50Scott “Sky” Smith
Sep-17Circle of Flight: As the Crow Flies56Tom Machum
Aug-17Avionics: How to Pick the Perfect Panel Part 1, The Perfect VFR Panel10Bob Hart
Aug-17Tpis & Tales: What Instrument Pilots NEED TO KNOW about the Missed Approach22Joel Turpin
Aug-17Featured Plane: Cherokee Six, Power Lifter30Bill Cox
Aug-17Panel Annals Part 5: Learning to Fly36Tom Machum
Aug-17How to Get a Profesisonal Paint Job without Breaking the Bank Part 1: Pre-paint Planning and Design Considerations44Scott Sherer
Aug-17Sky Talk: Advanced Ratings, What Are They Good For? Absolutely Somethin’ … Maybe52Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-17Circle of Flight: What Comes Around … Go-arounds!56Tom Machum
Jul-17Avionics: Big News for Legacy GA Aircraft10Bob Hart
Jul-17Tpis & Tales: Trial by Ice18Joel Turpin
Jul-17Featured Plane: The Aerostar 601P34Bill Cox
Jul-17Panel Annals Part 4: The Big Reveal42Tom Machum
Jul-17Sky Talk: Fly More, Save More, How to Reduce the Variable Expenses of Airplane Ownership52Scott “Sky” Smith
Jul-17Lessons: Looking for 200 Knots58Bill Cox
Jul-17Circle of Flight: “Friend Ships”64Tom Machum
Jun-17What It’s Like to Fly an EAA-STC’d Dynon EFIS-equipped Archer10Scott Sherer
Jun-17Avionics: When Things go WRONG, How to prepare for an (Hopefully) Prevent In-flight System Failures16Bob Hart
Jun-17Lessons: Ode to the Fast Lane26Bob Hart
Jun-17Featured Plane: Piper Colt, First of the “New” Generation28Bill Cox
Jun-17A Pilot’s Guide to Spring Cleaning: 10 Pre-flight Pointers to prepare Your Plane for Spring34Scott Sherer
Jun-17Panel Annals Part 3: Beware of Scope Creep40Tom Machum
Jun-17Tips & Tales: Pilot in Command Authority46Joel Turpin
Jun-17Sky Talk: Will the New BasicMed Ruling Impact Your Insurance?52Scott “Sky” Smith
Jun-17Circle of Flight: That’s Gross!56Tom Machum
May-17Third Class Medical Reform: The New BasicMed and What It Means (to Most of Us)10Jim Cavanagh
May-17Avionics: How to Catch a “Senseless” Killer, Guardian Aviation Delivers Breath of Fresh Air in War Against Carbon Monoxide16Bob Hart
May-17Never Say Never Part 2: The Commercial Practical Test24Scott Sherer
May-17Featured Plane: Piper Malibu/Mirage, A Medium Twin with One Engine?36Bill Cox
May-17Panel Annals Part 1: Forming a Plan42Tom Machum
May-17Unsung Secret Weapon: How to Save Oil & Get Rid of a Messy Belly Once and for All48Scott Sherer
May-17Sky Talk: Undervalued Value52Scott “Sky” Smith
May-17Circle of Flight: “Deviant Behaviors”56Tom Machum
Apr-17Lightspeed Aviation & the Evolution of the Modern Headset10Bob Hart
Apr-17NextGen Update: Did You Know?20Scott Sherer
Apr-17Tips & Tales: Some Thoughts on Instrument Approaches and Departures from Uncontrolled Fields22Joel Turpin
Apr-17Featured Plane: Piper Chieftan, The Popsicle Run28Bill Cox
Apr-17Panel Annals Part 2: “Out with the Old”34Tom Machum
Apr-17Zen and the Art of Aircraft Ownership: The RIGHT Way to Cleakn Your Yoke38Scott Sherer
Apr-17Lessons: Engine Break-in, Easier than You Think40Bill Cox
Apr-17Sky Talk: “Training? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Training!”45Scott “Sky” Smith
Apr-17Circle of Flight: The “Purple” Line50Tom Machum
Mar-17Avionics: New Ideas & Equipment for 201710Bob Hart
Mar-17Never Say Never: A Commercial Ticket at Age 65! Really?18Scott Sherer
Mar-17Featured Plane: Piper Apache, World’s First Modern Twin Trainer28Bill Cox
Mar-17Window Shopping: How I Made My Seneca II Look like a Seneca IV34Scott Sherer
Mar-17Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Bundle Your “Baby” with a Custom Cover from Bruce’s42Scott Sherer
Mar-17Tips & Tales: Breaking the Chain48Joel Turpin
Mar-17Circle of Flight: Tracking Trends52Tom Machum
Feb-17Avionics: Active Avoidance Part 2, The Equipment Options10Bob Hart
Feb-17AeroTherm: “Plan A” for Sale, Fast & Efficient Engine Preheating22Scott Sherer
Feb-17Featured Plane: Piper Saratoga II TC, Last of the Many28Bill Cox
Feb-17Replacing that Hideous Headlner: Really, It’s Easier than You Think!34Jim Cavanagh
Feb-17Lessons: 20 Tips for IFR Flying42Bill Cox
Feb-17Sky Talk: Support Your Local Mechanic!48Scott “Sky” Smith
Feb-17Circle of Flight: Time for TEM52Tom Machum
Dec-16Winterize your Airplane and USE IT!10Scott Sherer
Dec-16Avionics: Active Avoidance, Is Onboard WX & Traffic BETTER than ADS-B?18Bob Hart
Dec-16Get the Aviation Gift you REALLY Want! 17 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Practical Pilot28Scott Sherer
Dec-16Featured Plane: Mojave, Last of Piper’s Big Twins38Bill Cox
Dec-16Tips & Tales: Surviving the Unthinkable, Lessons on Icing from the School of Hard Knocks44Joel Turpin
Dec-16Sky Talk: Transition Time? Not so Fast! What to Watch for When Shopping for an Upgrade52Scott “Sky” Smith
Dec-16Circle of Flight: Drama in the Skies58Tom Machum
Nov-16Avionics: ADS-B and Connectivity Revisited10Bob Hart
Nov-16Destination Cuba18Steve Brooks
Nov-16Featured Plane: Seminole Lives, Piper’s Everyman Airplane Soldiers on after 38 Years28Bill Cox
Nov-16Oscillation Complications: Unraveling the UPS & DOWNS of an Unruly Autopilot34Scott Sherer
Nov-16The Landing Page: Piper Owner Society Website and Forum Update September 201646Scott Sherer
Nov-16Circle of Flight: Are Two “Better” than One?48Tom Machum
Oct-16How to Fix Your Propeller’s Chronically Stiff Pitch Trim: Part 1 Jack Screw Maintenance10Scott Sherer
Oct-16Piper Aircraft Press Anouncements from EAA AirVenture 201620Scott Sherer
Oct-16Featured Plane: Pawnee Brave 400, A Brave to Ecuador24Bill Cox
Oct-16Tips & Tales: How to Sound Like a Professional when Flying in the IFR System40Joel Turpin
Oct-16Circle of Flight: Dialing it Up! 5 Rewarding Reasons to Pursue an IFR Rating49Tom Machum
Sep-16A DIY Guide to Installing Lighted Wingtips, Part 2 Pulse Electronics Wiring10Scott Sherer
Sep-16Avionics: The Evolution to Mode S, Trig Avionics Little Boxes Big Ideas!22Bob Hart
Sep-16Featured Plane: The J-3, A Cub for Piper30Bill Cox
Sep-16The Great Camera Debate: Is it a Violation to Mount a GoPro-style Camera to Your Aircraft?36Ryan Mohr
Sep-16Tips & Tales: Mastering the Crosswind Takeoff and Landing40Joel Turpin
Sep-16Circle of Flight: Giving Back48Tom Machum
Aug-16Avionics: A Fresh Look at Legacy Avionics, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly10Bob Hart
Aug-16How to Prevent a Gear Up Landing from Ruining Your Day, the Audio Advisory System from P2 Inc.20Scott Sherer
Aug-16Featured Plane: Warrior: Piper’s Littlest Indian26Bill Cox
Aug-16Tips & Tales: What Pilots Need to Know About Declaring an Emergency32Joel Turpin
Aug-16Vortex Generators, the Finishing Touch to Wing Design40Jim Cavanagh
Aug-16Under the Cowling: How to Find (and Keep) a Good Mechanic50Jacqueline Shipe
Aug-16Sky Talk: Truth and Lies in Liability, Understanding Non-owned Insurance62Scott “Sky” Smith
Aug-16Circle of Flight: Energy Management: Part 2 Efficiency64Tom Machum
Jul-16A Do-it-yourselfer’s Guide to Installing Knots 2U Lighted Wingtips10Scott Sherer
Jul-16Avionics: Working the Angles, Inside the New Age of Angle of Attach Technology18Bob Hart
Jul-16Tips & Tales: What Instrument Pilots NEED TO KNOW About Holding Patterns24Joel Turpin
Jul-16Featured Plane: The Twin Comanche, Piper’s Littlest Twin34Bill Cox
Jul-16Young Eagles, Bald Eagles and the Perpetuation of General Aviation42Floyd Allen
Jul-16Lessons: 20 Things You Probably Never Knew About Aviation (or Maybe You Forgot)46Bill Cox
Jul-16The Landing Page: Piper Owner Website & Forum Update54Scott Sherer
Jul-16Circle of Flight: Manage Your Energy56Tom Machum
Jul-16Sky Talk: But I Thought I Was Covererd, the Shocking Truth About Insurance Gaps When Attending Air Shows62Scott “sky” Smith
Jun-16Avionics: Facelift for a King! Transform Your Dilapidated Kng Radio into the Pride of Your Panel10Bob Hart
Jun-16Featured Plane: Turbo Arrow, Piper’s Mini-corporate T-tail18Bill Cox
Jun-16Tips & Tales: The Piper Arrow’s Auto Gear Extension System24Joel Turpin
Jun-168 Tactics to Reduce the Risks of an In-flight Emergency34Scott Sherer
Jun-16Are You Prepared for Water Egress?40Randy Boone
Jun-16How to Prepare for a Survival Emergency44Randy Gerke
Jun-16Circle of Flight: Piper Service Bulletin 1006: A Tankless Job524Tom Machum
May-16Tips & Tales: How Your Airplane’s Electrical System Works, Anomalies & Failures10Joel Turpin
May-16Focus on Insurance: Lowering Insurance Costs16Scott “Sky” Smith
May-16Focus on Insurance: When Your Airplane Moves to Another Airport18AOPA
May-16Focus on Insurance: Do I Tell AVEMCO About This?20Marci Veronie
May-16Avionics: Sperry’s Fascination, Gyros Made IFR POssible, Electric Gyros Make it Safer22Bob Hart
May-16Featured Plane:Seneca II, The Twin that just Keeps on Keeping on32Scott Sherer
May-16Red Flag Alert! How NOT to Buy an Airplane38Roger Battistoni
May-16Under the Cowling: How to Recognize, Remove and replace a Suspect Cylinder44Jacqueline Shipe
May-16Circle of Flight: Everyone Loves Surprises50Tom Machum
Apr-16Cub Chronicles10Jeb Bishop
Apr-16Avionics: Trouble on the Horizon, Spacial Distrotion nad the Dangers of Having a Bad Attitude20Bob hart
Apr-16Tips & Tales: How Your Airplane’s Electrical System Works28Joel Turpin
Apr-16Featured PLane: Cherokee 140, Living with a Cherokee38Bill Cox
Apr-16Under the Cowling: How to Take the Slack Out of Sluggish Flight Controls50Jacqueline Shipe
Apr-16Circle of Flight: Vero Beach, A Piper Plant Tour55Tom Machum
Mar-16How to Create a Quieter Cockpit10Max Lundin
Mar-16Lessons: Takeoff Mistakes18Bill Cox
Mar-16Tips & Tales: Everythng You Need to Know about Induction System Icing24Joel Turpin
Mar-16Featured Plane: The Ageless Archer, Piper’s Archer Just Keeps on Keeping on32Bill Cox
Mar-16Under the Cowling: How to Find and Fix Corrosion in an Aging Interior40Jacqueline Shipe
Mar-16Circle of Flight: A Year in Pictures50Tom Machum
Feb-16Tips & Tales: How a Constant Speed Propeller Works10Joel Turpin
Feb-16Avionics: Safety Starters for 201614Bob Hart
Feb-16Aviation Fixation: Innovative Kids Camp Takes Aspiring Aviators Under its Wing20Floyd Allen
Feb-16Featured Plane: Tomahawk, Last of the Piper Two-seat Trainers30Bill Cox
Feb-16Whether for Enjoyment, Employment or Deployment: 3 Up-and-coming Aviators’ Perspectives on Modern-day Piloting36Max Lundin
Feb-163 Simple Maintenance Tasks to Take on Yourself40Tom Ferguson
Feb-16Circle of Flight: One Peek is Worth More Than Two Scans50Tom Machum
Dec-15Safety Corner: Tailwheels Pilots, What’s a Ground Loop?8Thomas P. Turner
Dec-15The Dangers of Icing: Why You Never Heard Tatoo yell, “De-ice, De-ice!”10Floyd Allen
Dec-153 Hard Lessons in Due Diligence: The Pre-purchase Avionics Inspection, How much is Enough?18Bob Hart
Dec-15The Plane Sense About Airworthiness24Tom Ferguson
Dec-1510 Wallet-friendly Gift Ideas for the Pilot in your Life31Max Lundin
Dec-15Featured Plane: The Ultimate Cheyenne40Bill Cox
Dec-15What is Manifold Pressure?46Joel Turpin
Dec-15Lessons: 10 Tips for VFR Flying in Marginal Weather50Bill Cox
Nov-15How to Shop for LED Lighting10Jim Cavanagh
Nov-15ADS-B Limitations & Liabilities: As the 2020 Mandate Looms, Some Surprising Loose Ends Linger18Bob Hart
Nov-15Featured Plane: Piper Aztec, A Very Good Twin26Bill Cox
Nov-154 Extinction Level Threats Facing the Future of General Aviation34Floyd Allen
Nov-15How to Surviva an FAA Ramp Check40Tom Ferguson
Nov-15Under the Cowling: Window Care and Maintenance, Tips for Do-it-yourselfer44Jacqueline Shipe
Nov-15Circle of Flight: Fun but Undisciplined48Tom Machum
Oct-15Safety Corner: Depend on Automation … When Appropriate8Jason Blair
Oct-15Fly High & Breathe Easy! Aircraft Oxygen Systems 10110John Bakos
Oct-15The Avionics Equation: How Avionics Can Make (or Break) a Good Deal16Bob Hart
Oct-15The Ninety-nines: Inspiring Women Pilots Since 192924Floyd Allen
Oct-15Featured Plane: Dakota, Piper’s Answer to the Skylane32Bill Cox
Oct-15Under the Cowling: Pre-purchase Inspection42Jacqueline Shipe
Oct-15A Safer View: Cutting-edge Camera Tech Takes Glass Panel Piloting to the Next Level48Ryan Mohr
Oct-15Circle of Flight: Flight Planning Tips & Tech for the Modern Pilot58Tom Machum
Sep-15Fly with the Wind: Women in Aviation, International10Donia Moore
Sep-15The Not-so-simple Science of Seats18Floyd Allen
Sep-15Featured Plane: Piper Matrix in the First Decade26Bill Cox
Sep-15ADS-B Update: More Affordable Options are on Approach34Bob Hart
Sep-15Lessons: Wind Shear, the Invisible Killer46Bill Cox
Sep-15Circle of Flight: Whether or Not to Weather the Weather52Tom Machum
Aug-15Safety Corner: The Oft-overlooked Parking Brake10Thomas P. Turner
Aug-15How to Perform a Perfect Slip … and Make All Your Pilot Friends Jealous!16Bill Cox
Aug-15Caribbean Air Rally: Sixth Edition24Catherine Tobenas
Aug-15Featured Plane: The Aerostar 700, Still the Fastest34Bill Cox
Aug-15Aerobatics in anEveryday Airplane44Catherine Cavagnaro
Aug-15Tired of the Singles Scene? Try Flirting with Twins!50Jim Cavanagh
Aug-15Lessons: 21 Tips for the Pattern58Bill Cox
Aug-15Under the Cowling: 7 Tried & True Tips to remove Stubborn Screws and Rusted Bolts66Jacqueline Shipe
Aug-15Circle of Flight: Flight Following is Your Friend74Tom Machum
Jul-15Flights of Mercy, Wings of Love: Liga International10Donia Moore
Jul-157 Simple Tips to Making a Confident Airplane Purchase18Tom Ferguson
Jul-15Avionics: Evolution of the Navcom24Bob Hart
Jul-15Featured Plane: Seneca in the Fifth Generation, The Seneca Just Keeps Getting Better!32Bill Cox
Jul-15Spruce Up Your Tired Interior without Spending a Fortune, SEM Repair & Refinishing Products42Jim Cavanagh
Jul-15Under the Cowling: An INSIDE Look at Engine Cylinders50Jacqueline Shipe
Jul-15Lessons: Murphy’s Laws of Aviation, What You Learned in Flight School May be Open to Question56Bill Cox
Jul-15Circle of Flight: SOPs and Checklists, There’s More for You Than “Read and Do”60Tom Machum
Jun-15PS Engineering and the Evolution of Audio Control10Bob Hart
Jun-15Lessons: The Race for Ratings20Bill Cox
Jun-15It Ain’t Your Daddy’s (or your Moma’s) Flying Experience26Floyd Allen
Jun-15Featured Plane: Piper Malibu, The Price & Pleasures of Pressurization32Bill Cox
Jun-15Under the Cowling: “BREAKING UP” with Your Radio? Your Antenna Might Be the Real Problem!42Jacqueline Shipe
Jun-15Circle of Flight: How to Overcome Automation Trepidation50Tom Machum
Apr-15Safety Corner: Renter’s Aircraft Insurance Coverage, The Hidden Danger8Marci Veronie
Apr-15From Classic Twin to Modern Masterpiece: The Story Behind Mike Jones’ Legendary Lock & Key Navajo12Max Lundin
Apr-15Interior Plastic Repairs & Replacement: More Economical Than You Might Think20Jim Cavanagh
Apr-15Under the Cowling: A Minimalist’s Guide to Airplane Tire Care & Maintenance34Jacqueline Shipe
Apr-15Featured Plane: Piper Saratoga II TC, Six-Pack to Go!40Bill Cox
Apr-15Circle of Flight: Flight Plan for a Hangar … and Half an Airplane46Tom Machum
Mar-15ADS-B Today: The Manufacturers, Tech & Tactics to Watch in 201510Bob Hart
Mar-15Aviation Foundations: Preserving the Passion & Privilege of Flight18Floyd Allen
Mar-15Featured Plane: A Warrior with ENTHUSIASM, Howe to “Boldly” Promote Your Warrior to an Archer24Bill Cox
Mar-15How to Fly on IMPULSE and SAVE! Air Plains’ Innovation STC Safely Uses Auto Fuel and Save Operators Thousands in Fuel Expense32Jim Cavanagh
Mar-15Under the Cowling: Electrical Troubleshooting40Jacqueline Shipe
Mar-15Lessons: How to Fly an Airplane, Rod Machado’s New How-to Manual Hits All the Right Buttons46Bill Cox
Mar-15Circle of Flight: Living the Dream50Tom Machum
Feb-15Safety Corner: Choosing the Right Plane, Logis vs. Emotion8Marci Veronie
Feb-15ADS-B Today: What You Can Do NOW to Meet and Exceed the Looming ADS-B Mandate10Bob Hart
Feb-15MayAircraftLogs and the Evolution of Logging20Max Lundin
Feb-15A WARM Reception for Cold Weather: Preheat from Afar with Far Start Technologies!26Max Lundin
Feb-15Featured Plane: Piper’s Strongest Indian, The Pressurized Navajo32Bill Cox
Feb-15Under the Cowling: How to Pinpoint Pitot-Static System Problems40Jacqueline Shipe
Feb-15Lessons: Why Learn to Fly?46Bill Cox
Dec-14Safety Corner: The Aircraft Owner’s Insurance Checlist8Marci Veronie
Dec-14A First-timer’s Guide to Flying Home for the Holidays, 12 Things All Pilot Should Know10Floyd Allen
Dec-14Aviation Education: A Pilot’s Guide to Keeping Current: Practice Make Proficient18Scott Stahl
Dec-14Lessons: Aero Engine Reliability, The Pros & Cons of General Aviation Piston Power Plants26Bill Cox
Dec-14An Introduction to Aviation Apps & Smart technology: Are You Connected?32Bob Hart
Dec-14Practical Preheating Options for the Cold Weather Pilot42Tom Ferguson
Dec-14Featureed Plane: Piper Lance, Nearly 40 Years Later46Bill Cox
Dec-14Under the Cowling: 5 Key Component Checks & Preflight Provisions to get an Idle Airplane Back in the Air58Jacqueline Shipe
Nov-14A History of Piper and Cessna “Legacy” Avionics: TKM Inc./Michel Avionics, Small Manufacturer BIG Story10Bob Hart
Nov-14Don’t get Left in the Dark … Exterior Lighting Options & Upgrades Guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!20Floyd Allen
Nov-14Removing the Smoke Screen: Lifesaving Smoke, Fire, and Fume Fighting Tools and Procedures26Jim Chandler
Nov-14Featured Plane: The Meridian, Piper’s Sole Turbo Prop Comes of Age32Bill Cox
Nov-14POWER to the People! The Past, Present and Future of Alternative Fuels40Jim Cavanagh
Nov-14Engine Saver to the Rescue! Protect Your Engine with a Proven Product and Proper Preventive Maintenance48Max Lundin
Nov-14What to Know: Just How Important is it for that Little Red Beacon Light to be Working?58Tom Ferguson
Oct-14Safety Corner: Instructing in Your Own Plane Doesn’t Have to be Risky8Mike Adams
Oct-14Just Plane Propaganda: A Pilot’s Response to the Media’s Latest Attack on General Aviation10Jim Cavanagh
Oct-14Hunting from the Air? If You’re Gonna Use a Plane, You Better be Frank Buck!18Floyd Allen
Oct-14Lessons: Fly Cheap! (or at least cheaper), 3 Tricks to Trim Fuel Costs26Bill Cox
Oct-14Featured Plane: Piper’s Iconic J-3 Cub32Bill Cox
Oct-14How to Build a BETTER-than-new Seneca II and Overcome the Unexpected Challenges of Aircraft Refurbishment40Roger Battistoni
Oct-14Under the Cowling: Valve Clearances and Hydraulic Lifters54Jacqueline Shipe
Sep-14ELT Stories: Why “Invest” in a 406?10Bob Hart
Sep-14School Days, School Days, Flying’s Golden Rules Days: Adventures in Aviation Education20Floyd Allen
Sep-14Featured Plane: Saratoga, Piper’s 6-seat Entry Level Limo28Bill Cox
Sep-14Frank Schubert: From Chicago to Mars … in a Warrior!36Rick Gardner
Sep-14Under the Cowling: After the Annual “Insurance”: Don’t Discount the Double-check!44Jacqueline Shipe
Sep-14What to Know: 3 Good Reasons NOT to Skip the 500 Hour Magneto Inspection58Tom Ferguson
Aug-14Safety Corner: Insuring Yourself in a Borrowed Plane8Mike Kerwin
Aug-1410 Tips and Takeaways from a First Timer’s Flight to Oshkosh10Matt Hofeldt
Aug-14Everything You Need to Know About Aircraft Electrical in 1,000 Words18Jim Cavanagh
Aug-14Cessna and Piper Spring Beach Paradise28Rick Gardner
Aug-14$avionics: An Insider’s Advice on Shopping the Shows36Bob Hart
Aug-14Veterans Airlift Command: Connecting Planes, Pilots and Combat Wounded44Sally Marks
Aug-14Featured Plane: Piper Cherokee 180, The World’s Easiest Flying Plane?48Bill Cox
Aug-14New South Wind Heater AD … Coming Soon56Cara Sandmann
Aug-14Power Surge: The Past, Present and Future of Concorde Battery and the Aviation Battery Industry60Max Lundin
Aug-14Under the Cowling: Sticky Valve Situation, How to Diagnose and Treat a Suspect Valve70Jacqueline Shipe
Aug-14What to Know: So What’s the Deal About the Preflight Mag Check?74Tom Ferguson
Jul-14An Insider’s Approach to Effective Water Resource, What You Can Do to Increase Your Odds of Survival10Randy Boone
Jul-14Wildlife Wingman: Piper Pilot Roger Stradley Tracks from the Air20Lisa Baril
Jul-14Hangar Etiquette: Don’t be THAT Pilot28Max Lundin
Jul-14Engine Management Options for the Modern GA Pilot, Part 2 the Big Four Manufacturers40Bob Hart
Jul-14Featured Plane: The Dakota, Piper’s Answer to the Skylane54Bill Cox
Jul-14What to Know: Diagnosing Propeller Leaks, Just What Are Those Oily Streaks72Tom Ferguson
May-14Safety Corner: Recurrency Training and Insurance8Mike Kerwin
May-14Engine Management Options for the Modern GA Pilot, Part 1 Instrument Identification & Application10Bob Hart
May-14Is This the End of the Third-class Medical? History of the Third-class designation and Where It’s Headed20Jim Cavanagh
May-14The Skies are Full of Dogs and Cats and Parrots, Oh My! Simple Preflight Preparations for Pilots with Pets30Floyd Allen
May-14Lessons: There’s Something About Mountains34Bill Cox
May-14Featured Plane: Seneca V, Little Big Twin42Bill Cox
Apr-14BUY a Panel, GET an Airplane? What a Pre-purchase Inspection Won’t Tell You About Avionics10Bob Hart
Apr-14Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Pilot Parents22Floyd Allen
Apr-14To Bangkok With Love, MultiCorp Makeover Transforms Weary Warrior into Better-than-new Machine28Roger Battistoni
Apr-14The Death of Cookie Cutter Design, Dream Scheme Team Gives Ho-hum GA Designs the Heave-ho!46Max Lundin
Apr-14Featured Plane: Archer, In the Fourth Generation52Bill Cox
Apr-14Owners: It’s Okay to Get Your Hands Dirty!60Tom Ferguson
Mar-14Featured Plane: Piper Warrior, Four-seat Trainer for Two46Bill Cox
Mar-14An A&P’s Perspective in Preflight Inspections, 5 Often Overlooked Preflight Precautions54Tom Ferguson
Mar-14Under the Cowling: 6 Simple Strategies to Get Your Plane in Ship-shape for Spring58Jacqueline Shipe
Mar-14Safety Corner: Aircraft Registration & Insurance8Marci Veronie
Mar-14Geronimo! Legendary Apache Conversion Transforms Piper’s Lovable “Sweet Potato” into a Better Bird10Jim Cavanagh
Mar-14Flying for Business: Avionics Tools for the “Hard” IRF Pilot20Bob Hart
Mar-14B-Bird Is the Word, Modern Methods Used to Mitigate Bird Problems at GA Airports and Hangars34Floyd Allen
Mar-14Marshall Knox: A Lifetime in the Sky40Max Lundin
Mar-14Featured Plane: The Arrow, Piper’s Mr. Reliability44Bill Cox
Mar-14Under the Cowling: Aircraft Carburetors 101, Basic Carb Functionality52Jacqueline Shipe
Feb-14Part 23 rewrite: The Times May be A-changin’ (if we’re lucky)10Steven Sokol
Feb-14Flying for Philanthropy, How to Use Your Airplane and Abilities to help Others20Floyd Allen
Feb-14To Buy, or Not to Buy: Expert Advice on Avionics and What to Look for in a Good Deal24Bob Hart
Feb-14What’s Shakin’? Combat of the Oft-ignored Dangers of Vibration with Dynamic Balancing34Matthew Dock
Feb-14Aviation Education: Understanding Stalls & Spins, A Primer in Awareness, Prevention and Recovery38Scott Stahl
Feb-14Tempest Tech Tip: Unraveling the Mystery of Oil Filter ADB Valves42Tempest
03-MarchMISSING ALL OF 2013
02-FebruarySurvival Gear for the Rough Landing16Steve Lundin
02-FebruaryPiper Dakota: Renovating a Classic Cherokee24Bill Cox
02-FebruaryThe Benefits of Oil Analysis: Regular Testing Keeps Your Engine Healthy & Happy32Jacqueline Shipe
02-FebruaryMotorcycle on Board: A Ground Transportation Solution38David Shelton
Dec-122012 Most Popular Pilot Holiday Gifts16Jim Cavanagh
Dec-12The Pre-1986 Used Aircraft Market: What’s Going On?24Roger Battistoni
Dec-12Piper Malibu/Mirage: Medium Twin with One Enginie?32Bill Cox
Dec-12Install a Remote Oil Filter Kit to Make DIY Oil Change Easy38John Bradley
Dec-12Headset Showdown! A Review of the Top ANR Units48POS staff
Dec-12Stat Sharp with a Cessna-Specific TouchTrainer58COO
Nov-12How to Repair Interior Plastic Trim: Make Your Cabin New Again14John Bradley
Nov-12Piper Archer LX: 40 Years…and Coming24Bill Cox
Nov-12From good to Great! 1978 Lance Gets New Life32Tom Hayes
Nov-12Engine Operating Tips: Prolong Life, Prevent Problems, and Save Money38Jacqueline Shipe
Oct-12Charting a New Course: Today’s Avionics16Floyd Allen
Oct-12Piper Arrow: In the Fifth Decade24Bill Cox
Oct-122012 Gateway to Oshkosh: Bigger & Better than Ever!34Dan Weiler
Oct-12Powder Coating Plane Parts42John Bradley
Oct-12Plane, Plan, & Pilot Technique – Fighting the Weather with Preparation & Skill48Bill Cox
Oct-12The Rewards of a Dream: A Poor Economy Creates Opportunity for Airplane Ownership54Dan Meyer
Oct-12Winging It: How to Install New Cherokee Wingtips58Wade Sullivan
Sep-12Fighting Rust and Corrosion: Extend Your Airplane’s Life16Floyd Allen
Sep-12Warrior in Training22Bill Cox
Sep-12Hot Stuff! Tune Up Your Heater & Ventilation System30Jacqueline Shipe
Sep-12Back to Bahamas!36Rick Gardner
Aug-12Performance Perfection: Fly Faster, Farther, and Safer with Modifications16Floyd Allen
Aug-12Shaking All Over: How to Correct Nose Landing Gear Vibration Problems24Jacqueline Shipe
Aug-12Naked as a Jay Bird: Flying the Original J-330Bill Cox
Aug-12Refurbishing a Lance II Better than New40Roger Battistoni
Aug-12See Your Way Clear: Windshield Maintenance Tips & Tricks52Jim Cavanagh
Aug-12Cherokee Hints & Tips60misc.
Jul-12Get More with Engine & Prop Mods16Steve Whitson
Jul-12Strut Your Stuff – Undercarriage Maintenance24Jacqueline Shipe
Jul-12180: The Perfect Cherokee32Bill Cox
Jul-12Propeller Upgrades: Make the Best Choice42Tim Kern
Jul-121972 Piper Cherokee Makeover: The Restoration of 61 Tango48Tim O’Brien
Jul-12Border Crossings Made Easy: FlashPass Takes the Pain out of eAPIS Filing62Larry Schlasinger
Jun-12Proper Insurance: Flying Fine with Peace of Mind14Floyd Allen
Jun-12When Slower is Better22Bill Cox
Jun-12Seneca V: Little Big Twin26Bill Cox
Jun-12Exploring Canyonlands National Park and the Moab Area34Madison MacNichol
Jun-12Live the High Life at Sandy’s Airpark at Sporty’s40POS staff
Jun-12Bahama’s Habitat: Relieving Disaster and Promoting Community46POS staff
May-12The Alaskan Adventures of the Breeden Boys14Donna Jones
May-12Apache Piper’s Gentlest Indian28Bill Cox
May-12“Re-Tiring’ Your Airplane Doesn’t Mean Giving It Time Off!36Floyd Allen
Apr-12Navigating through Charts and Flight Bags12Floyd Allen
Apr-12The Price vs. Value of Refurbishing your Aircraft30Roger Battistoni
Apr-12Dream Wings: Piper Paint Job38Eric Hockman
Apr-12Piper Saratoga II HP Heavy Hauler for all Occasions20Bill Cox
Mar-12Investing in an Airplane: Does it really Add Up?14Floyd Allen
Mar-12Total Electrical Failure at 2,500 Feet…Not a problem!20Miles J. Barrett
Mar-12The Meridian Turns 1024Bill Cox
Mar-12Super Fly-In for Pilots in East Tennessee32Donna Jones
Mar-12Oshkosh and GTO Bound…and Beyond40Robert Wilkie
Feb-12Refurbishing Your Interior Plastic, Vinyl, and Leather (SEM advertorial)14Jim Cavanagh
Feb-12Piper Dakota: Muscle Bird22Bill Cox
Feb-12Wax-ON Wax-Off Cherokee Style30Wade Sullivan
Feb-12Assisting with Your Annual36Ken Willaford
Feb-12From Hero to Bum-Almost44Bill Cox
Dec-11Record Your Flight with a Datatoys High-Def System14Submitted
Dec-11Using Your Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) on Water16Randy Boone
Dec-11Fill Landing Gear Struts on the Ramp without Jacks17Richard Bogert
Dec-11Electroair Receives STC for New Ignition System18COS staff
Dec-11Stay in Touch with Tranceivers from Marv Golden Pilot Supplies20Submitted
Dec-11The Easy Way to Keep Your Engine Dry22COS staff
Dec-11Upset Recovery Training: Do You Need It?24Brian Willett
Dec-11Cherokee 6: 260: Piper’s Flying Pickup28Bill Cox
Dec-11“Dream Wings” Piper: Getting a New Paint Job36Eric Hockman
Nov-11Ignorance Isn’t Bliss14Anthony Nalli
Nov-11Aircraft Storage: Fighting the Elements16Floyd Allen
Nov-11Vacuum System Maintenance24Jacqueline Shipe
Nov-11The High Life26Tom Wychoff
Nov-11Using Your Checklist Correctly? Check This!28Dick Siano
Nov-11Exploring the Piper Altaire32Bill Cox
Nov-11Flying with Dogs & Cats38Withthrop Garrard Dale
Nov-11“Dream Wings” Piper Getting a New Interior44Eric Hockman
Nov-11Reading the Signs48John Loughmiller
Nov-11Piper “Russian” Towards Light Sport52Jim Cavanagh
Nov-11Frosty Flying: Winter Operations and Storage54Ed Rachanski
Nov-11Cherokee 101: A History of the Piper Cherokee60Jim Cavanagh
Nov-11Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Piper Cherokee63Maggie Pickart
Oct-11The Chill of Icing14Anthony Nalli
Oct-11Aircraft Overhauls from Tip to Tail16Floyd Allen
Oct-11Alaska State Aviation Trade Show & Conference24Donna Jones
Oct-11Seminole in the Fourth Decade32Bill Cox
Oct-11What Happened to My Aircraft’s Value?42Roger Battistoni
Oct-11An American Lady Named G-BUND50Etienne Culot
Oct-11Energy Alternatives to Increase Awareness During Flying58AOG staff
Sep-10Aviation Fuel Alternatives: Concern, or Unnecessary Controversy16Floyd Allen
Sep-10Chieftain: Piper’s Workhorse Indian24Bill Cox
Sep-10Burning Oil: Here’s How to Reduce Oil Consumption34Jim Cavanagh
Sep-10Diary of the 2011 West Coast Cherokee Fly-In40Wade Sullivan
Aug-11Gotta Get Home14Anthony Nalli
Aug-11When You Need to Be “Propped Up”16Floyd Allen
Aug-11Bob Breeden’s Alaskan Adventure24Donna Jones
Aug-11Piper Arrow: Low Price, Low Work, High Confidence36Bill Cox
Aug-11Engine Upgrades: Up, Up and Away…Faster!46Floyd Allen
Aug-11Exploring the Bahamas AOG Style54Pia Hilbert
Aug-11Piper Dakota: Best of the Four-Seat Cherokees64Bill Cox
Jul-11Building a Better General Aviation Pilot14Anthony Nalli
Jul-11The Art of Survival: A Real Science164
Jul-11Basic Laws of Survival: What to Do When Your Airplane Goes Down24Jim Cavanagh
Jul-11The Electronic Flight Bag: Past, Present and Future34David Pietrowski
Jul-11Piper Tomahawk38Bill Cox
Jul-11Make Your Airplane Safer with Survival Gear48Jacqueline Shipe
Jul-11Mastering the Emergency Situation: The Torgoen Academy of Flight Safety56Steve Lundin
Jul-11Big Plans Set for “Dream Wings” Winner64Eric Hockman
Jul-11Small Tires + Wheel Pants = Huge Savings68Larry Schlasinger
Jul-11Beautiful Bird: The Transformation of a 1966 Cherokee 14072Sean Gallagher
Jun-11Win Great Prizes at GTO13Keith Mathiowetz
Jun-11Keep Corrosion from Killing Your Aircraft16Floyd Allen
Jun-11Pacer versus Tri-Pacer24Bill Cox
Jun-11How to Curb Corrosion34Jacqueline Shipe
Jun-11Taking a Tour of Airtex Interiors42Margie Kline
May-11Redline, Red Alert12Anthony Nalli
May-11Plan for EAA AirVenture Now!14Keith Mathiowetz
May-11Interior Makeovers: Aesthetically Pleasing & Amazingly Functional16Floyd Allen
May-11The Ageless PA-28-18024Bill Cox
May-11Spruce Up the Interior with New Windows34Jacqueline Shipe
May-11Looking from the Inside Out40CPA
Apr-11Scud Running12Anthony Nalli
Apr-11The Best Places to Stay for EAA AirVenture14COS staff
Apr-11The Handheld GPS: Which One is Best for You?16Floyd Allen
Apr-11Piper’s Durable Cherokee 14024Bill Cox
Apr-11Taking Care of Your Avionics32Jacqueline Shipe
Apr-11My Milennium Falcon: The Winner of the Piper “Dream Wings” Contest40Brian McMillen
Apr-11Glass Cockpit Chaos43Miles J. Barrett
Mar-11Yeah, uh, Sorry14Anthony Nalli
Mar-11Putting Ice on the Skids16Floyd Allen
Mar-11Piper’s Iconic J-3 Cub24Bill Cox
Mar-11Winter Weather Flying32Jacqueline Shipe
Mar-11Ferry Flying as a Career?40Bill Cox
Mar-11Wing Walk Re-Do44Wade Sullivan
Feb-11Flying with the Condors12Bill Cox
Feb-11Blinded by the Snow14Anthony Nalli
Feb-11The Costs of Airplane Ownership16Jacqueline Shipe
Feb-11Piper Malibu 310: The Pleasures of Pressurization24Bill Cox
Feb-11Checking Out Hartzell Propellers32Jacqueline Shipe
Feb-11A Long Journey from the Hangar38Tom Hinkel
Feb-11You, Your Airplane, and the IRS40Floyd Allen
Feb-11Doing Your Own Preventive Maintenance44Terry Lee Rogers
Dec-10A Sudden Battle with Nature12Anthony Nalli
Dec-102010 Gift Guide14Jim Cavanagh
Dec-10Evaluating Airguide’s Flight Guide iEFB20Bob Yarmey
Dec-10Piper Lance: 35 Years Later24Bill Cox
Dec-10The Workings of Constant-Speed Propellers32Jacqueline Shipe
Dec-10Chartflier to the Rescue!38Jim Cavanagh
Dec-10A Short Read on a Long History: Single-Engine Piper Cherokees44Wade Sullivan
Nov-10Fear and Regrets12Anthony Nalli
Nov-10Creating the Perfect Piper: The Refurbishing of a 1996 Aztec14Roger Battistoni
Nov-10Surviving an Accident with AmSafe Seatbelt Airbags22Bill Hagan
Nov-10Piper Saratoga II TC: Comfort for Your Hockey Team24Bill Cox
Nov-10SPOT Provides Affordable Safety Technology for Aviation32Derek Moore
Nov-10Who Needs Survival Gear Anyway?36Leighton B. Greenlee
Nov-10A New/Old Angle on Avoiding Stalls38Bill Cox
Nov-10Get Rid of the Glare: Install Sun Visors44Jeff Soares
Oct-10“The Aviators” is Set for Takeoff!12Anthony Nalli
Oct-10High Expectations: What to Expect Before, During, and After an Overhaul14Floyd Allen
Oct-10Getting Gassed: G100UL Nearly Ready to Power GA18Jim Cavanagh
Oct-10GTO & AirVenture: A Winning Combination22Keith Mathiowetz
Oct-10Twin Comanche: An Owner’s Perspective on One of Piper’s Best24Bill Cox
Oct-102010 AirVenture was a Pleasure32Keith Mathiowetz
Oct-10Protect Your Propeller40Irven F. Palmer, Jr.
Oct-102010 CPA West Coast Fly-In: Celebrating 50 Years of the Cherokee44Wade Sullivan
Sep-10Buyer Beware12Anthony Nalli
Sep-10What’s Up with WAAS?14Bill Cox
Sep-10Exhause Maintenance Tip22Jim Cavanagh
Sep-10Piper Aztec: A Very Good Twin24Bill Cox
Sep-10Testing the Garmin aera 56034Jim Cavanagh
Sep-10Restoring a Cherokee Glare Shield, or…How to Get in over your Head44Doug Allen
Aug-10Well, We Made It10Anthony Nalli
Aug-10All You Need to know about Wheel Bearings12Jim Cavanagh
Aug-10Give Bad Boots the Boot: Learn How to Upkeep your De-Ice Boots…14Jacqueline Shipe
Aug-10The Secrets to Getting Better Tires for Less Money20Jim Cavanagh
Aug-10How Safe is Your Heater?24Maggie Pickart
Aug-10Four Decades of Navajos28Bill Cox
Aug-10Enjoy a Float (or Two)38Jim Cavanagh
Aug-10Flying to Taste the Flavor of The Bahamas46Dan Weiler
Aug-10The Transformation of Piper Cherokee N8897N (140)56Curt Hopfinger
Jul-10Surviving a Flat Spin10Anthony Nalli
Jul-10Answers to Your Brake Maintenance Questions12Jacqueline Shipe
Jul-10How to be a “Green” Pilot16Floyd Allen
Jul-10How Attending GTO will Save You over $1,000 at EAA AirVenture22Maggie Pickart
Jul-10Cherokee 140: The Little Indian that Could24Bill Cox
Jul-106 Items to Include in Your Survival Kit32Chuck McGill
Jul-10The Newest & Best Weather Avoidance Technology34Jim Cavanagh
Jul-10The Safety Upgrade within “EZ” Reach40Michael Duvert
Jul-10Cherokee 101: A History of the Piper Cherokee44Jim Cavanagh
Jul-10Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Piper Cherokee47Maggie Pickart
Jun-10Confessions of a Pilot12Anthony Nalli
Jun-10The Easy Way to Prevent Engine Wear14Jim Cavanagh
Jun-10When Slower is Better18Bill Cox
Jun-10Understanding Your Air Box & Filter20Jacqueline Shipe
Jun-10Piper’s First Tricycle Trainer: The Colt24Bill Cox
Jun-10Win Great Prizes at GTO34Maggie Pickart
Jun-10Going to Glass, Soutwest Style – Aspen Avionics36Jim Cavanagh
Jun-10The Importance of Recurrent Training42Tony Montalte
Jun-10Install LED Strobe Beacons in 5 Simple Steps44Todt Clark
May-10A Rookie Mistake12Anthony Nalli
May-10Aviation Preschool14Jim Cavanagh
May-10Memories of Africa: Flying During Apartheid16Bill Cox
May-1012 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Paint Jobs18Jacqueline Shipe
May-10The Gentlest Apache22Bill Cox
May-10Plan for EAA AirVenture Now!32Maggie Pickart
May-10The Astounding Transformation of 890W: 235 Cherokee’s New Look34Brian Price
May-10Shine in the Sun (lights)42Wade Sullivan
Apr-10Piper “Russian” Towards Light Sport10Jim Cavanagh
Apr-10Memories of Africa: Surveying the Sahara12Bill Cox
Apr-10A Seneca for Panama22Bill Cox
Apr-10The Best Places to Stay for AirVenture28Maggie Pickart
Apr-10The History of the Pilot’s Watch30Steve Lundin
Apr-10When “See and Avoid” is All You Can Do: The Story of Flying with Gaetan40Kathie Brosemer
Apr-10Trade Your Wings for Wheels44Dahon
Apr-10Cherokee Hints & Tips45multiple
Mar-10Out of the Blue12Anthony Nalli
Mar-10Tort-Free Aviation?14Jim Cavanagh
Mar-10Nuts & Bolts: The Basics You Should Know16Jacqueline Shipe
Mar-10Springtime Prep: Avoid the Unseen Dangers20Floyd Allen
Mar-10A Cheyenne over Europe24Bill Cox
Mar-10Cheyenne Owners: Avoid the Overhaul32Edwin Black
Mar-108 Steps for Springtime Prep34Jim Cavanagh
Mar-10Cherokee Hints & Tips: Doing Your Own Preventive Maintenance40Terry Lee Rogers
Mar-10Answers to Your Maintenance Concerns45multiple
Feb-10TCM and Me10Jim Cavanagh
Feb-10Memories of Africa: Defying the Desert12Bill Cox
Feb-10Lucky to be Alive14Anthony Nalli
Feb-10The American Airpower Museum16Steve Lundin
Feb-10Piper Malibu Meridian: Simple & Sophisticated24Bill Cox
Feb-10GTO’s the Way to Go32Maggie Pickart
Feb-10Survival: How Sean Tucker Avoided Plunging into Lake Michigan34Mario LePera
Feb-10Increase Your Speed with Knots 2U’s Main Gear Fairings42Lt. Col. Mike Vitrano