I struggle with the never-ending effort to keep my baggage compartment as organized and roomy as possible. I have a couple of favorite cleaning items that I like to keep in the plane like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets and Weiman leather cleaning wipes. The trick is keeping them at hand without them getting in the way. It’s generally an impossible task but I did make some progress on it. 

While walking around the Sporty’s Pilot Shop store during our 2019 fly-in I saw the item in the above picture — a fold out supply bag that takes up a space that’s about 7 inches by 7 inches by 8.5 inches. I also ran across a bag of folded and stored wipes that are specially designed for airplane windows to prevent scratching and don’t leave lint behind. 

I unfolded the storage bag and tossed my cleaning supplies in. I now have this in my baggage compartment and even my wife has commented on how organized it was. 

The bag is also good for other items you want to be able to access easily while keeping them neat and organized. Sporty’s calls it a preflight bag, but the possibilities are endless.