It’s hard to explain how much fun it is to stumble across a product that does what its company says it’s going to do, is inexpensive, and no one seems to know about it. This is one of those products.

For decades I’ve been taught that when I’m parked outside, I need to tie one of my yokes back with the seat belt to prevent wind damage to the stabilator or ailerons. While this seems to work, it also seems to put way too much back and down pressure on the left yoke, which I use with the seat belt. On my last annual inspection, I discovered that the left yoke shaft was loose in the bushing where it enters the panel. Subsequently, I had both the left and right yokes removed and new bushings installed.

Now the yokes are tight and silky smooth, and I really don’t want to ruin that by using a seat belt to hold a yoke in place. Also, I just installed the way-cool Amsafe airbag seat belts on my front seats, and those new seats belts simply won’t work for this application.

While I was wandering around the exhibit halls at AirVenture, I ran across a great little product called Control Saver. Personally, I think they need a new name, but that’s up to their CEO, Bill Davis. At any rate, it looked like a good deal for $39.95, so I bought one.

This little silver bracket is supplied with the Control Saver and needs to be screwed into the left side of your throttle quadrant.

The Control Saver comes with a little silver bracket that needs to be screwed into the left side of your throttle quadrant using the two existing screws that are already there holding the quadrant cover in place. Remove the screws, put them through the bracket, and tighten them back up. This takes maybe two minutes and adds a snap for your use with the Control Saver.

To use the Control Saver, you attach the strap gently to the yoke. A second strap extends from the middle of the one attached to the yoke; the other end snaps on to the bracket. With this installed, there’s no way the ailerons can flap and the stabilator can’t move either. All of this with little to no pressure on the yoke.

Every once in a while, I run across a great product like this that everyone should have. I recommend this product highly.

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