We all know that our country is littered with Menards, Lowe’s, and Home Depot big box stores. I regularly wander around them while trying to do home improvement projects. Recently, I was at Menards and ran across a tool bag, but in the eyes of a pilot, this wasn’t just any tool bag, this was perfect for the baggage compartment of my airplane.

The bag is made out of thick heavy-duty green-and-black nylon fabric with a handle, extra heavy zipper, and flat bottom. It won’t do any damage to the baggage compartment if it should move during some turbulence or a rough landing. It won’t ever wear out, either.

Best of all? It was $9.99 (or free, in airplane dollars). I checked Lowe’s and Home Depot, and they have other brands that seem identical at the same price. If you don’t happen to have a great tool bag in your plane, this is the last tool bag you’ll ever need! Visit Menards.com and search for “2463228” (the product SKU).