There’s a company called Aircraft Engravers in the Northeast that all aircraft owners should know about. Why? Because our instrument panels need their help.

In the last two years, I’ve successfully removed and re­stored my interior with an Airtex Interiors kit. Additionally, I’ve replaced all the interior plastic with help from Knots2U and new windows from LP Aero and Great Lakes Aero. I’ve installed new locks from Medeco and new door handles from Aircraft Spruce.

Even though I have mostly new avionics in my five-year-old custom panel, all my switches are old, and the engrav­ing has worn off. But there’s a small company that can make my panel look better than new, and the vol­ume of products they supply for our panels is enormous. Here’s what they make:

  • New data plates
  • Replacement faceplates and lenses for older radios from Arc/Cessna, Bendix, Collins, King, Mitchell/Century, Narco, Piper, Terra, and TKM. They specialize in lenses for the King KX-155 and KX-165, as well as KX-170B and KX-175B replacement faceplates.
  • Engraving of your fuel caps
  • Painted panel engraving
  • Custom placards, circuit panels, and switch overlays
  • New rocker switch covers and engraving
  • Vinyl N numbers
  • Yoke emblems

The pictures are a small representation of the products that they produce. Visit their website and you’ll be amazed. And in airplane dollars, they’re quite affordable.