I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive things that make my airplane look nice. As my wife would say, “You just like to spend money.” There’s probably some truth to that and I do like to do restoration projects so I’m guilty as charged. However, I use my plane to take my wife on vacations, which she enjoys, so everything is good!

Scott’s seatbelt without the applique.

Last winter I started to renovate the interior of my plane and I replaced the windshield, side windows, headliner, and window molding. In November 2020 I’ve done the carpeting and seat belts and next month I will be doing the wall panels and seat covers.

Recently I went to one of my go-to websites (Knots 2U) and while scrolling through some of the webpages I found a very cool stick-on, rubber-coated seat belt applique. They’re about $12 for a pair. So, I got them and stuck them on my seat belt buckles. Note that you have to clean the buckles with an alcohol wipe, which is included, before you put the applique on. I used the blade from my pocketknife to remove the appliques from the backing, lined them up and put them on my new buckles. If you have older, scratched buckles, these will cover those scratches! These really look nice, don’t they?