“Bill Cox is a good writer, writing about his passion. His stories bring you right into the cockpit with the yoke in hand. You can feel the excitement and joy that comes with sharing aviation experiences.”

V. Mink

“I enjoy reading books written by pilots like Bill Cox who have accomplished very much in their careers.  They impart words of wisdom from their experiences that every pilot can appreciate and use.”

Jack M.

“I have always enjoyed reading Bill Cox’s articles/stories over the last 40-plus years and knew I would be in for a great read. I met Bill by chance on a shuttle bus at an AOPA conference and he is a genuine guy with a passion for aviation and zest for adventure. Loved the thrill/suspense of challenging trips but also enjoyed the human side of his journeys. I would recommend this book to any pilot or non-pilot with an interest in aviation.”

Alan D.

“I have been an avid reader of Bill’s articles for many years and have enjoyed vicarious experiences through his writing style and humor. I read a different chapter almost each day and by the end of two weeks had completely read the book.”

Jimmie V.