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July 2024

What’s inside…

8 Featured Plane
Piper Warrior II
Flying for the Family
By Michelle Adserias

20 Avionics
Options: New From Garmin
By Bob Hart

26 Sky Talk
Training is Required
By Scott “Sky” Smith

30 Window Care and Maintenance Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer
By Jacqueline Shipe, A&P/IA

34 Use That Checklist
Pilot Tips to Keep You Safe
By Scott Sherer

36 Planning the VFR Cross County Flight
And Doing it Right!
By Joel Turpin, ATP/CFI/FAA Master Pilot

39 When Weather Turns to Trouble
By Jim Curns

46 Hangar Tip
Not Much Has Changed
Piper Owner Society 30 Years Ago

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On the cover: Mike Brown’s 1977 Piper Warrior II. Photos courtesy of Jack Fleetwood (