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14 2010 Gift Guide Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s Christmas Again
By Jim Cavanagh

20 Evaluating Airguide’s Flight Guide iEFB
By Jim Cavanagh

24 Featured Aircraft – Piper Lance 35 Years Later
By Bill Cox

38 Chartflier to the Rescue!
By Jim Cavanagh

Opinions & Advice

6 Editor’s Letter Happy Holidays!
By Keith Mathiowetz

12 Close Calls – A Sudden Battle With Nature
By Anthony Nalli

32 Under the Cowling The Workings of Constant-Speed Propellers
By Jacqueline Shipe

Cherokee Pilots╩╝ Association

44 Single-Engine Piper Cherokees
By Wade Sullivan

On the front cover: The Piper Lance, derived from the Cherokee Six 300, was introduced in 1976. On a sunny day, this early Lance spreads its wings over Long Beach, California.

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