PRO_PLUSEvolution Synthetic Vision and recently certified Angle of Attack indicator packaged with the purchase of Evolution Pro 1000 Primary Flight Display

July 21, 2015: Aspen Avionics introduced the Evolution Pro Plus safety package. The package includes the Evolution primary flight display (PFD) preloaded with synthetic vision and its newest safety product, the Evolution Angle of Attack (AOA) indicator. Purchased together, the system retails for $13,995, a $1,695 savings over purchasing each separately.

“We are offering an affordably-priced Aspen Evolution PFD with pre-installed safety features that no one else can match in value,” said Mark Ferrari, vice president sales and customer support. “Further, it is important for us to continue to support our current customer base with the same package and will offer the AOA and synthetic vision safety to our current customers for only $3,295 — the same $1,695 savings we are offering new customers who purchase the Pro Plus package,” Ferrari said. Our Pro Plus for Class 3 aircraft will be announced at later date,” continued Ferrari.

Aspen’s Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) is a software upgrade to the Evolution Flight Display System and presents a real-time, computer-generated, three-dimensional view of terrain, obstacles, and traffic. The synthetic terrain rendering on the PFD simulates the view from the cockpit on a clear day, so it’s especially helpful in providing enhanced situational awareness when flying during conditions of reduced visibility.

Aspen’s Evolution AOA indicator calculates angle of attack from the flight envelope data received from the air data computer and attitude heading reference system (AHRS) integrated in the Evolution 1000 PFD or Evolution 1000 MFD, and a certified GPS, it does not require additional hardware, nor does it require any external aircraft modifications or sensors, saving significant resources on installation costs.

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