The Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) will enable owners of 8000-series South Wind heaters to upgrade their systems and exempt them from AD requirements.

Keith Bagley, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), announced that the company has received FAA approval for a global Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) covering AD 2017-06-03 on South Wind 8000-series cabin heaters.

The AD requires that owner/operators of South Wind (formerly Meggitt/Stewart-Warner) heaters comply within the next 10-hours of heater operating time or next scheduled maintenance activity, whichever occurs first and then repeat compliance every two years or 250 hours.

“The AD will require a Pressure Decay Test (PDT) on the South Wind heater’s combustion tube. For the tube to pass, it cannot have any leaks,” Bagley explained. “The FAA estimates that 90-percent of these heaters will fail the PDT. And, according to the AD, any tubes that fail must be replaced. The AD does not allow for any repairs to the combustion tube.”

“Our AMOC allows the replacement of the failed South Wind combustion tube on an 8000-series heater with a new design Janitrol Aero combustion tube and a new solid-state cycling switch,” he said. “The crossover design of the new Janitrol Aero combustion tube is more crack resistant than the South Wind design.”

HET has created an instructional video that explains the required pressure decay test (PDT) and highlights the company’s design and manufacturing for the new combustion tube. The video is available at:

“In addition, areas of the new Janitrol Aero tube that are exposed to extreme temperatures are treated with Durakoat™ heat-resistant coating, which further enhances the unit’s reliability and longevity,” Bagley said.

Bagley also explained that by following the combustion chamber replacement procedures outlined in the AMOC (or through a complete replacement of the South Wind heater with a new Janitrol Aero cabin heater), the owner/operator is relieved of the ongoing two-year/250 hour compliance requirements outlined in the AD.

“When incorporating our AMOC, along with the new Janitrol Aero combustion tube and solid-state cycling switch, the South Wind heater also receives a new spark plug and fuel nozzle, as well as parts needed to overhaul the fuel pump and solenoids,” he said.

Janitrol Aero AMOC kits for unpressurized aircraft will be available in mid-February; kits for pressurized aircraft will follow by early April. List price of the Janitrol Aero AMOC Kits is $3,495 for unpressurized aircraft and $4,295 for pressurized aircraft, not including installation and overhaul labor. Bagley estimates the installed price will fall between that of a standard overhaul and the cost of a new Janitrol Aero cabin heater.

“The AMOC represents a viable and affordable option to upgrade their heater and relieve owners of repetitive AD compliance every two years,” Bagley said.

He also explained that the AMOC Kit can be installed by select heater repair stations and that Janitrol Aero intends to begin offering South Wind heaters with the AMOC incorporated on an exchange basis as well. Pricing for the AMOC Exchange heaters will be announced in late February when the units are available.

New FAA PMA approved Janitrol Aero heaters and STC kits to replace South Wind heaters can also be purchased directly from HET or through one of its authorized distributors. Contact information can be found at: www.Janitrol.Aero/distributor.