Author: Scott "Sky" Smith

Beyond Flying for Fun

Piper Aircraft Insurance Risks: What it really boils down to is if you are going to an air show, fly-in, or other event and you want to participate in static display, flyby, formation flying, aerobatics, etc., make sure you have the correct aircraft to meet the FAA require¬ments, the correct ratings and certificates, and the correct insur¬ance. And if you’re getting paid (fuel, rental car, rooms) know what the rules are from the FAA and the underwriters.

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Tips and Traps in Warranties

So, I got to thinking. What about all these warranties on air­craft and their components? I know that if you have an accident and you have insurance, the damage should be covered. But of course, repairs to worn-out parts aren’t covered. And what about the engine? If the crank is cracked or the compression is low, is that a warranty item or an insurance item? Or is that just a part of ownership?

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