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These webinars total hours of advice from the Piper Owner Society Editorial Board, led by Aviation Director Scott Sherer. Also featuring longtime pilot and electrical engineer Jim "Griff" Griffin, these advice videos feature tips from longtime pilot and CFI Mike Jones, avionics consultant Bob Hart, insurance and business expert Scott "Sky" Smith, and more.

For ease of watching, we have broken these videos into 3 parts. There are no downloads available of this content. Important links and documents needed are provided within the posts themselves.

The Piper Owner Society would like to thank the following contributors:

  • Scott Sherer, Aviation Director
  • Michael Jay Jones, Editorial Board
  • Jim Griffin, Editorial Board
  • Sky Smith, Editorial Board, Aviation Insurance Expert
  • Bob Hart, Editorial Board & Avionics Guru

A sampling of quotes from this first webinar.

“Buying (an airplane) is not as hard as dealing with it in the first few years. It expensive enough buying a 40 or 50 year old airplane. Those first few years are even more challenging.”                                                                      -Scott Sherer

“In the last three years of aircraft ownership, a lot of people stop maintaining their aircraft. And that creates a problem. I would always recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection. And you can’t do it with the mechanic who’s already maintaining the airplane. You can’t go to a mechanic who you both know. You need to go to somebody who’s trained in that model of aircraft but has not seen it before.”                                                                                             -Scott Sherer

“Fuel is going to be biggest expense. We ran about 83% of our expense being fuel, and that was through two engine cycles.”                                                                                                                                                                        -Jim Griffin

“Be prepared to spend 25% of the cost of purchasing your plane on maintenance.                                  -Scott Sherer


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Four Decades of Piper Navajos

When Piper PA-31 Navajo was created in the late ’60s, the original concept was to launch a new family of Pipers. The new model was a combi¬nation corporate/freight airplane intended to serve the heavy-haul twin market. The straight Piper Navajo was introduced in 1967, a founda¬tional model available in both 300-hp normally aspirated and 310-hp turbocharged versions. The Piper Chieftain came next in 1973, a stretched, heavy hauler that was to be¬come the top of the line with a pair of 350-hp engines. In 1975, Piper began offering an in-between model, the Piper Na¬vajo CR (counter-rotating), with mirror image engines in 325-hp trim.

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Featured Plane Archer: In the Fourth Generation Reliability and Easy Handling have made the Archer a Mainstay in the Piper Lineup Many people regard the Piper Archer as the quintessential Cherokee. While it’s true today’s...

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Bold Warrior

Featured Plane A Warrior with ENTHUSIASM How to “Boldly” Promote your Warrior to an Archer It seems Cherokees are forever. At least, we hope they are. As the low wing alternative to Cessna’s popular Skyhawk, the Piper Warrior...

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Featured Plane The Piper Dakota: Piper’s answer to the Skylane was well worth the investment Let’s say you manufacture a line of general aviation airplanes that’s fairly competitive with most anything on the market. You’ve been...

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J3 Cub

Featured Plane Piper’s Iconic J-3 Cub Floyd Threet was one of the more senior members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron on Merrill Field in Anchorage, Alaska, when I signed up as a Cadet in 1953. Threet owned perhaps the...

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Malibu 310

Featured Plane Piper Malibu 310 The Price & Pleasures of Pressurization Pressurization is perhaps aviation’s ultimate creature comfort. There’s little question that the market for light to medium twins has diminished...

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Featured Plane The Meridian Piper’s Sole Turboprop Gets Down to Business Designers have dreamed of fielding single-engine turboprops for years. On the surface, propjets seem to offer the best of everything—if at a price. Teaming...

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