NavStrobe Lighting Ltd. and Aircraft Spruce announced the world’s first user-installed strobe light system for certified aircraft.

The Sextant 5.5 kit is FAA/TCCA TSO-C30c Compliant and is a direct replacement for standard Whelen or Grimes position lights.
Simply replace the wingtip and rear position light bulbs, then use the existing nav switch in the cockpit to select either the standard navigation mode or ultra-bright strobe mode.

Nothing else is required. Installation takes 10 minutes and one screwdriver.

From the press release:

“The first time you use the existing Nav (Position) switch, the FAA requires that the lights come on in the steady-on mode. By simply turning the same Nav switch off and back on, the position lights will enter the strobe mode to cause the colored LEDs to flash. This mode will directly replace any existing strobe lights on the aircraft with greater recognition since the human eye is four times more sensitive to colored lights than the standard white strobes.”

The kit shown below comes complete to put strobes lights all around your aircraft. To be TSO compliant, you must also replace the colored glass lens covers currently installed and put in the clear lens provided in the kit. There are no new wires or switches required.

The kit is available here on Aircraft Spruce.

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