Piper has released Service Bulletin (SB) 1405A, which supersedes SB 1405 in its entirety. The new service bulletin affects certain PA-28s and PA-44s with missing skin rivets.  


Subject: Fuselage skin rivet inspection, Fs 156. 

Reason for Revision: To correct serial numbers. 

Compliance Time: To coincide with the next regularly scheduled maintenance event, but not to exceed the next 100 hours time in service. 

Purpose: On some of the affected aircraft, one or more rivets common to the aircraft skin and the outboard flange of the Fuselage Station (F.S.) 156.00 frame may be missing. This service bulletin provides instructions to inspect, and on condition, install the missing rivets. 

Effectivity Date: This service bulletin is effective on October 25, 2023. 

Applicable Factory Participation: Applicable factory participation is limited to new aircraft in warranty at the time of compliance. Factory participation will remain in effect for a period of time not to exceed 180 days from the effectivity date of this service bulletin.  The PDF of complete service bulletin, including specific PA-28 and PA-44 types and serial numbers, can be downloaded here.