How to access the bell crank bearing on a Piper Cherokee

Q I’m an A&P and I have both the parts and maintenance manuals for the PA-28-180 and read them over in detail. I have the tools and know how to use them. I’m not the ace of the base but I do like to confer with those who have more experience than I do. I call it teamwork.

Now for the question. The bearing on the bell crank is a different part number than the one on the aileron. Evidently Aviall shows a part number that supersedes it and McFarlane has it. I confirmed this when I went into the wing and found the AN bolt at the aileron was different than the AN bolt at the bell crank. Obviously not in length but diameter. The bearing also looked larger than the bearing I have in stock. The bolt sizes differ: AN3 at the aileron and AN4 at the bell crank.

My question is the bolt holding the bell crank bearing side is obstructed by the upper mounting flange of the bell crank itself (the lower is the wing itself). Even at full control throw the bolt seems partially obstructed so that it may require removal of the bell crank. If the bell crank is removed (without taking the cables off) will access to the bearing be improved sufficiently to remove the bolt and replace the bearing? I don’t believe that re-rigging is required (except to make sure the end rod bearings are measured and thread count matches the replaced bearings) but I’m just wondering how exactly Piper mechanics familiar with this setup have input. Thank you.

James Javurek

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