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10 10 Tips and Takeaways from a First Timer’s Flight to Oshkosh
By Matt Hofeldt

18 Everything You Need to Know about Aircraft Electrical in 1,000 Words
By Jim Cavanagh

28 Cessna and Piper Spring Beach Paradise
By Rick Gardner

36 $avionics: An Insider’s Advice on Shopping the Shows
By Bob Hart

44 Veterans Airlift Command: Connecting Planes, Pilots and Combat Wounded
By Sally Marks

56 New South Wind Heater AD … Coming soon
By Cara Sandmann

60 Power Surge:
The Past, Present, and Future of Concorde Battery
and the Aviation Battery Industry
By Max Lundin


8 Safety Corner: Insuring Yourself in a Borrowed Plane
By Mike Kerwin

48 Featured Plane – Piper Cherokee 180: The World’s Easiest Flying Airplane?
By Bill Cox

70 Under the Cowling – Sticky Valve Salvation: How to Diagnose and Treat a Suspect Valve
By Jacqueline Shipe

74 What to Know BEFORE Your Go
So, what’s the deal about the Preflight Mag Check?

By Tom Ferguson

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