Ellis & Associates has been issued STC Number SA02771LA, for modifying the right-hand door and/or left-hand door or fuselage replacing the existing fixed window to become an openable window. The following Piper models are eligible:  

• PA-24 (TCDS 1A15)  

• PA-28 (TCDS 2A13)   

• PA-32 (TCDS A3SO)  

The window can be opened nearly 180 degrees, providing emergency egress for additional safety if the cabin door is jammed or inoperable following an emergency landing. The window is hinged at the bottom edge, with two hinges, and latched at the top, with two redundant latches.  There is also a handle on the upper edge of the window, to assist in opening and closing the window.    

The openable window installation is done by fabricating the window assembly parts using the existing right and/or left cabin skin door skin and window without modifying the structure. There are no modifications of the cabin door/fuselage structure. Then parts are installed according to the installation instructions.   

STC cost: $500  

Approximate estimated installation time: 20 to 25 hours  

Sheet metal experience is required  

For more information, visit ellis-assoc.com