Press Release

January 26,2021 – uAvionix announced it has received FAA Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) for its tailBeaconX 1090MHz ADS-B OUT transponder.

The highly integrated device, which replaces a rear navigation light, includes and combines transponder, ADS-B OUT, SBAS GPS, and rear LED position light. The TSOA includes the following:

  • TSO-C112e Level 2els, Class 1 (Mode S Transponder)
  • TSO-C166b Class B1S (ADS-B OUT Extended Squitter)
  • TSO-C145e Class Beta-1 (SBAS GPS Position Source)
  • TSO-C30c Type III (Rear LED Position Light)

tailBeaconX is Aireon Compatible and designed as a globally compliant, easily installed ADS-B OUT solution for General Aviation (GA) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM), meeting current and future 1090MHz ADS-B mandates. Specifically built to offer maximum compatibility with both ground and space-based ADS-B receivers used by over 18 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSP) world-wide, tailBeaconX was extensively tested with Aireon and Nav Canada. Significantly increased performance levels were observed over traditional bottom-mount antenna installations, including at lower altitudes and during surface movements.

“Combining a LED rear position light replacement, a 1090MHz Mode S ES ADS-B OUT transponder, SBAS GPS position source, and a dipole antenna into a single package was a major feat for our team – resulting in major cost reduction to our customers”, said Ryan Braun, COO of uAvionix. “Weighing only 140 grams, taking no critical panel space, while incorporating its own antennas, the path to ADS-B compliance is significantly simplified for a large group of aircraft”.

Improved Safety Benefits with Space-Based ADS-B and tailBeaconX

Safety benefits for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations are magnified with tailBeaconX.  As described in an AOPA article, the U.S. Civil Air Patrol uses Aireon data to pinpoint an aircraft’s last known location, thus reducing search areas, shaving minutes or hours off of rescue efforts.

A traditional transponder and ADS-B system share a single, bottom-mounted antenna, which requires line of sight to ground-based receivers.  This presents a problem, however, for space-based receivers, since the aircraft itself can block the signal to the satellite.

Not so with tailBeaconX.  Its dipole antenna pattern, unobstructed by the aircraft fuselage, resembles what a top and bottom monopole antenna would yield, at significantly reduced equipment and installation cost as compared to a diversity transponder.

Enhanced User Experience with AV-30-C Transponder Control

Cockpit panel real-estate is limited, so it’s a shame to dedicate precious space to only 4 digits.  tailBeaconX integrates with AV-30-C for transponder control and GPS input.  AV-30-C offers primary attitude, slip, and Directional Gyro (DG), but also AoA, Air Data, G Meter, Bus Voltage, and GPS navigation display.

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) efforts for a large Approved Model List (AML) are in work and completion is expected in Q1 2021.  Additionally, a $500 reduction from the previously announced pricing has been implemented.  Preorder tailBeaconX TSO for $2499, and bundle it with the AV-30-C to save an additional $300.

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