Updated in April 2022

In late March, 2022, uAvionix issued a Service Bulletin to help pilots update their software and eliminate the heading drift problem. Click here to read or download the uAvionix Service Bulletin.

uAvionix is aware of some reports regarding “heading drift” on the new AV-30-C and it is working on a software fix, said Shane Woodson, uAvionix director of sales.

Following our extensive coverage of the uAvionix AV-30-C, a few organization members raised concerns with the product’s functionality and the certification status of certain functions. We asked Woodson for an update.

Regarding issues with the DG and heading drift, is there a software update coming that will resolve these issues?

“We do have a software update in the works with the FAA. We’ve seen a mix of setup errors or aircraft-related issues causing some drift, so we dug deep and have done extensive field flight testing. While the AV-30 still meets the FAA requirements for DG, we have this update coming soon that will address the DG precession. We have released the software update for the experimental models but are working on the FAA approval for the certified units.”

Can you provide clarification on which features are certified and which are not?

“The AV-30-C is certified for the replacement of a primary attitude indicator, primary directional gyro, and slip. In a certified install, you’d need one AV-30 for each primary function, i.e., one AV-30-C for the AI and one for the DG. In this case, you could be eligible to remove your vacuum pump. It is important to note that the AV-30-C is not currently approved as an HSI. The AV-30-C is approved for VFR and IFR use as an AI, DG and slip, but not as an IFR HSI. The supplemental features like the AOA, airspeed, altimeter and such are not approved for certified replacements of the primary instruments.”

Further questions can be sent to support@uavionix.com or submit a form to contact support.