Members Only webinar hosted by uAvionix and featuring Shane Woodson, uAvionix Director of Sales, Bob Hart of, and Piper Owner Society Aviation Director Scott Sherer.

uAvionix Discussion: AV20, AV30, tailBeaconX, and more

  • Learn about uAvionix, what we do, and how we can help.
  • Not Equipped for 2020? Which Product is right for you.
  • Learn about our exciting new AV Panel Displays.
  • Beyond 2020 with the tailBeaconX Space-Based ADS-B Transponder.

Among the questions answered in this webinar.

• My plane does not have separate wiring for a wingtip strobe. Is my only choice to wire the strobe and nav lights together so strobe is always on when nav lights are on?

• Your AV Panel Display units do not have analog inputs and are (currently) designed to only display GPS navigation information using RS232. However, there are non-GPS nav/comms (specifically the legacy SL-30 and new GNC-255) that also have RS232 outputs of their VOR/LOC navigation data. Since your units have the hardware already, do you plan to update your software to display RS232 VOR/LOC data? Also, do you have any plans for an ARINC 429 serial interface so you can display VOR/LOC data from the GNS and GTN nav/comms?

• Will you develop an easier and/or quicker transponder code entering system such as allowing or developing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi keyboard connectivity to the AV control head for the new satellite tailBeacon X?

• Will your electric AI provide pitch and roll to my KFC 200 autopilot? How about your HSI version for nav and heading from my Garmin 530W to the KFC 200?

• What does the unit itself give me without other input? What else do I need to get all basic info like altitude, air speed, DG, etc., and what must I also put in to get that info? Maybe also HSI?

• I bought a tailBeacon and have a Terra 250 transponder. It doesn’t work. Do I need a transponder upgrade?

• Will the ADS-B unit work at 1090? Is it TSO?

• I installed the wing tip ADS-B. Will I also be able to install the uAvionix transponder in addition to the wing tip?

• I’ve preordered the AV-30. Apparently, it’s a “C” version. Reading your latest email to us it appears an “E” version is in the works. So, my question: will I receive the C version or the updated E version?

• Does your product work anywhere in Canada?

• Why does tailBeacon not show on Flightradar24?

• What will the AV-30-C Autopilot Interface box (pending) do? Is it required to track a heading? Estimated cost?

• When will the AV-30 be certified for certified aircraft?

• Once it is certified, how can we get an idea of how long it will take to purchase?

• Will an STC be required for each aircraft installation and if so, when will they be available?

• What autopilot(s) are you planning on interfacing with?

• How will it interact with nav and GPS units?

• Will the 1090 tailBeaconX need an AV-20 or AV-30?

• Do you have a list of installers for the AV-20-S and AV-30?

• What is the estimate of time to install the AV-20-S and AV-30?

• Will the AV-30 HSI feature work with signals from analog radios like the Cessna and MX300?

• Does installing two AV-30s allow me to remove my vacuum system?

• One of the AV-30s modes looks similar to an HSI. is the AV-30 capable of VOR, GPS, ILS/LOC tracking?

• My AI and DG are rectangular. Is there an adapter?

• What happens if I put down my deposit with AeroVonics but haven’t received the unit yet?

• What future enhancements are planned for the AV-30?

• Assume dual AV-30s, one configured as a DG w/APA-Mini to an S-TEC 55 autopilot with GPSS. Does the autopilot need to be modified to work with this system?

• Are you guys working on a 1090 transmitter?

• Any future avionics in development?

• How does the AOA work?

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