Talk-through systems for both active noise and passive reduction equipped helmets are now being manufactured by Active Headsets Inc. of Amarillo, Texas.

This unique system allows the user to hear conversation or other audio cues external to the helmet without the wearer being required to remove the helmet or try to lift an ear seal to hear them. This system allows for a natural ability to carry on a conversation with another person while wearing the helmet.

The system provides for spatial effect, which means the wearer can tell from which direction a sound originates. Because of this, the wearer can respond to different audio stimulus in the correct direction and be aware of their surroundings.

The talk-through system is comprised of the control boards, two ambient sensing microphones, a 9-volt power supply, cross-over cable, on/off/volume control, and main cable. The system draws its power from the 9-volt cell attached to the back of the helmet. The on/off/volume control engages the system and allows for a variable volume of the audio being provided to the user.

The sensing microphones, which are mounted near the front of the helmet, allow for a concentrated near-field sound from the direction the user is looking. This provides for clear communication in high noise situations.

The audio quality provided by the system is high fidelity stereo sound designed to enhance understandability. Enhanced mid-frequencies enable the user to understand conversation better in high noise situations.

If the system is turned on and the volume is left at its lowest setting, it will enable the user to understand audio from the aircraft clearer. Whether the audio from the aircraft is stereo or mono, the talk-through system audio will be stereo.

The talk-through system can be used with the CEP audio system. If the CEP system is a standard mono CEP device, audio from the left sensing microphone will be the only microphone heard through the talk-through system. For the user to benefit from both microphone inputs and to have the full capacity of the talk-through system, a stereo CEP device would be required.

The passive talk-through system can be installed into any passive helmet.

The active talk-through system is an addition to the Active Headsets Inc. ANR System.

For further information contact Active Headsets Inc. at or call 806-358-6336.