Submitted by Aerospace Welding Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN – Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. (AWI) has received a PMA from FAA to manufacture, sell and install mufflers as well as front, center and rear stacks for Piper’s PA-32, PA-32R, PA-32RT-300 models as well as the PA-32R-301. The new components can be used to replace original equipment by any A&P mechanic. Data tags come with each AWI part that specify the company that produced the unit, the PMA part number, and the serial number of the part.

Each component of the replacement exhaust system is made from 321 stainless steel material and comes with a 12-month unlimited hours warranty against workmanship defects. The type of engine operations and the maintenance program will determine the life of the parts.

Having been approved for over 450 PMS’s in the past 26 years for General Aviation single and twin engine piston aircraft, AWI is an industry leader in the development of high quality replacement exhaust systems. They also have extensive R&D capabilities for generating engine mounts and prototype exhaust systems. To lean more, visit or call Tim Rousseau at 651.379.9852.