The FAA has adopted a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Piper PA-34-200 airplanes, establishing a 500-hour life limit for a certain bolt.

In the preceding NPRM, the FAA proposed to require establishing a 500-hour life limit for bolt P/N 693-215 and P/N NAS6207-50D.

“This AD was prompted by the determination that the life limit for alternate bolts that attach the drag link to the nose gear were not listed as airworthiness limitations. This AD requires establishing a life limit for these bolts.”

Piper Model PA-34-200 airplanes did not contain a life limit for bolt part number (P/N) 693-215 (standard P/N NAS6207-50D). Bolt P/N693-215 (NAS6207-50D) is an alternate part for P/N 400-274 (standard P/N AN7-35). These bolts attach the drag link to the nose gear trunnion on Piper Model PA-34-200 airplanes.

“Piper did not include an ALS revision for the P/N 693-215 (standard P/N NAS6207-50D) bolt to establish the same life limit as the P/N 400-274 (AN7-35). If bolt P/N693-215 (standard P/N NAS6207-50D) that attaches the drag link to the nose gear trunnion remains in service beyond its fatigue life, failure of the nose landing gear could occur, which could result in loss of airplane control during takeoff, landing, or taxi operations.

“The life limit was inadvertently omitted from the ALS, and this AD simply corrects that omission.”

The bolt cost varies widely if you’re A&P doesn’t already have one; one search found it for $145 on eBay. The time to fix it is estimated by the FAA at an hour, though that is likely on the high end.

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