The Cloudbase Engineering Guide with
A fuel stick and guide alongside my fuel cap.
Sporty’s fuel stick

From time to time a question comes through on our on­line forums about measuring the amount of fuel in a fuel tank. They will usually mention that their fuel gauges aren’t accurate enough to be trustworthy.


If you don’t already have a fuel stick, purchase one from Sporty’s. They have fuel sticks for many differ­ent aircraft, from $15 to $26. You can insert one in your fuel tank, let it touch the bottom and put your finger on the top. Then remove the stick and read the fuel amount on the side of the stick. Easy as pie!

However, have you ever dropped one in your fuel tank? While I hear many members laughing as they read this, I can tell you that I have known scores of aircraft owners over the years that have done exactly that. While it doesn’t do any harm, you may find it embarrassing at best and frustrating at worst.

Here’s the solution to the solution: Cloudbase Engineering of Glendale, California, manufactures an inexpensive and in­novative solution to the lost fuel stick problem. Cloudbase makes a cover for the fuel stick so that it can’t fall into a fuel tank. It slips over the top of the stick and is held in place by a rubber O-ring. Easy-peasy! And cheap in airplane dollars at $25. I have one for my plane and this works for Cessna and Piper aircraft.

Good luck and safe flying!


Cloudbase Engineering

Sporty’s, Inc.

Cloudbase Engineering’s fuel stick Guide.