Obvious Innovation’s “Black” air vent.
Obvious Innovation’s new “Space Gray” air vent.

About six months ago a passenger in my 1977 Ar­row accidentally kicked and broke one of my floor mounted air vents. Searching for a solution, I went to our online vendor directory at piperowner.org/ business-directory and discovered Obvious Innova­tions, the creator of new and modern replacement air vents. I noticed that theirs are industrial strength nylon rather than the brittle plastic that the origi­nal vents are made of. They are also a lower profile design that make them more difficult to kick and damage than the old ones. They are FAA-PMA’d and have a patent pending for their novel design.

Needless to say, I ordered a set and replaced the broken vent in my Arrow. I have to say that the design is every bit as good as the advertisement says. I’m pleased and recommend them highly! I also noticed that they come in two colors, black and gray and they’re Made in the USA. While I have black in my plane, I could really have used the new space gray since I’ve recently reup­holstered my plane in gray and blue. They are near the floor, how­ever, so hopefully no one will notice!

After six months of use and a fair amount of being kicked by my grand-daughter they show no signs of wear. Of course, being made of nylon instead of plastic I didn’t expect any wear. It’s actually a shame that Piper doesn’t use these on new aircraft! Perhaps they will in the future.

You can purchase just one or a set of four at a discounted price. These are fairly economical in airplane dollars. Please note that if you use discount code 3584IRA you will get a Piper Owner Society 15% discount! One final comment – these are an excellent product and you won’t be disappointed!