GAMI is excited to announce the opening of its online G100UL STC store.  All gasoline powered aircraft and engines in the FAA’s type certificate database are covered by the STCs for G100UL, which is the first and only FAA-certified, totally lead free, high octane avgas.

GAMI is working hard to make G100UL available in California in mid-2023, and to make it widely available to all West Coast states in 2024, with rapidly expanding regional availability thereafter.  The purchase of the STCs now by plane owners who don’t live in the initial release area will help hasten the national availability of the fuel, which GAMI hopes to achieve by 2026.

GAMI has offered two incentives for those STC purchasers who would like to support this effort before fuel is available in their region.  These incentives include a $100 rebate on a first purchase of G100UL fuel for customers who buy STCs before February 28, 2023, and a 10 year waiver on the cost of STCs for replacement engines for those purchasing the STC before June 30, 2023.

The G100UL STC is available at and will cost about what a tank of 100LL currently costs for your plane.   Please have your plane information and engine information ready as it will be needed to complete your purchase (N-number, aircraft model and serial number, engine manufacturer / serial number).  The STC documents will be delivered via PDF immediately and the related placards and other paperwork will be mailed to you within about 10 days.